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Sapphirus +2013 Character Reference+
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Description: BIGGER VIEW HERE: http://i48.tinypic.com/2dh8yom.png

This is Sapphirus's new design/reference, my cherished Persona. She's now a Full dragon humanoid, no more feline. The new Goddess of Dragon and Element's look (aka Eastern Chimera Feathered Dragon). I'll draw her true dragon form later.

She's now 15 years old so im happy I been drawing her this long lol.

If you feel like reading, here's her info below

Name- Sapphirus

Fullname - Sapphirus Dracas

Sex: Female/Straight

Age - Ageless (born at the beginning of existence)

Life - Immortal

Occupation: Goddess of Dragons and Elements

Species - Humanoid/Eastern Chimera dragon (Dragons aren't furries, they're scalies, and neither are humanoids)

Clothes: She wears a Black with red design leather jacket with white fur collar going down her stomach. She wears golden thin bracers around each arm, with clothes on or off, same on her tails. Wearing a short spike gold belt around her waste, jacket tucked under it. Nothing is worn under her jacket. Her Pants are the same design as her jacket, mainly her sleeves though. White lining at the base of her knees, the red for the rest of her pants. Leather silver-grey boots when Sapphire gems decorating it along with her rainbow mixed gemtone finalizing at the top end of them. Soles are spiked also, like snow boots.

Gems/beads: She has them all over her body, the gems protect her from overusing her powers because of how much energy she posses, which is why she concentrates on using her strongest elemental move against strong challengers only, leaving her powerless temporary. One rainbow gem is on her forehead under her bangs, some on her inner wings, clothes, and the special necklace around her neck, even engraved in her tails.

Full form: Huge eastern dragon, that lives in space, protecting different planets and repairing them. The form is big enough to wrap around the sun easily, but she turns in a earthly form of the dragon (way smaller). No longer takes the space form for the time being, took a break from her job to help others on earth.

Feathers or Fur? - Feathers, with scales under it, only tails and wings are with feathers, rest is skin.

Tails: Spade shaped, very sharp. They act as snakes, they both have their own mind and will, left is the most aggressive, strikes without warning if someone endangering Sapph is close, right tail is the calmer, more strategist one, will look for a weakness before striking.

Eyes - Emerald green, or changes colors depending on element she uses, can even be rainbow, which is rare.

Maritual status: Married to Cheborca, and loves him a lot :D

Flight type: Can use her wings or levitate. Sometimes don't wear her wings too.

Favorite Element: Ice, Mind

Least Favorite: Fire

Loves: Her husband Cheborca, friends, family, non evil ppl, Sapphires, anything blue, snow, oranges, mushrooms, spinach, milk/white chocolate, herbal remedies, tea, ramen, meat, rainbows, cats.

Hates: Being around herms because they're creepy to her ( Icly, not irl lol), dark chocolate, Olives, dragon slayers, anything that harms dragons, fighting physically

Strengths: Levitation, healing, telekinesis, controlling dragons, shapeshifting, sizeshifting, using elemental/non elemental powers, summoning defensive shields, justice, etc.

Weaknesses: Not the best physical fighter except for her tails acting on their own accord. Using her most strongest skills which happens against stronger enemies, it leaves her powerless after up to 48 hours. Generally Sapphirus can't even make a campfire in this state, so she rests in her healing shield, which comes to her aid automatically and takes her to a safe spot.

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Posted by: Sapphirus March 07, 2013, 12:05:02 AM

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