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Title: Desk design contest.
Post by: Druail on August 11, 2012, 04:34:43 PM
I'm going to be changing up some stuff with my work area irl and Ill be wanting a new desk. I can go out and buy a new one and lug it back and follow a bunch of instructions from Sweden on how to put it together, OR!!!! I could build one of my own. You could be wondering why Im here asking you all to do this? Well it's no lie that furcadia does have some extreamly creative group so I thought I'd give you all a shot.

Building the desk won't be a problem. I have the knowledge and tools to work with wood, fiber glass, and metal. I would like to keep the table top flat, wood or piano type finish, but the rest is up to the artists(you all.)

The desk has a 5 foot by 5 foot area to be able to use. This area is in a corner of a room. so keep that in mind I have a roll around chair that leans and all that fun stuff.

What I want this desk to be able to do:
Hold 3 monitors; 1 center 27 inch monitor, 1 side 24 inch monitors (can be mounted on by VESA or just by the normal stands that they come with.) room for additional laptop/homework area; try to think of a 17 inch lap top just for it.
Be able to hold a FULL tower desktop PC and allow room for air flow for proper cooling.
room for a xbox(older style) to be tucked away.
I will be using some old book shelf speakersfor the basic audio use so making a place for these could earn some bonus points
Wire management for more bonus points.
PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING have some measurements.

So you might be wondering, "What do I get out of this?" Well if you win your design (or a modified version of it) gets to be made into a real desk. You also get the chance to win some money(paypal or snailmail), GD, or gift card worth 50 dollars. There is also a chance to win door prizes for things that are in your design like some kinda artistic table top to it.

How to enter: Send me a private message with a link to a picture of a drawing, or if you're really skilled google sketch up, with the title "Desk contest". And leave a post with in here stating you've sent me a message and I'll make sure I've recieved it. Please dont steal other peoples designs, like from reddit's battlestations sub-reddit. By submitting any designs you are giving the rights of the design over to me to do with it as I choose so.

The current "end date" is undecided at this time Im looking towards the end of october to mid november.

Lets see how creative furcadia can really be! If you have any questions please message me in game on the alt Druail.

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