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Title: anestia -- character art!
Post by: Anestia on May 19, 2013, 05:13:52 PM
character art commissions are open! this will be the last round, i am set to be done doing art here by july! if you're interested in portraits or more art examples as well, check out my deviantart @ http://aitsena.deviantart.com (http://aitsena.deviantart.com)

i can do:
- humans
- anthros (muzzle and flat)
- ferals
- monsters


(example: full-color body adelita -- art is not authorized for use by any other characters)

$30 flat-color busts
$45 full-color busts

$50 flat-color bodies
$75 full-color bodies

I can turn any full-color character art into a pixeled portrait for an additional $15.
Character art by me is not to be cropped and resized into a port without my authorization and consent!
You can usually expect your art about 1 or 2 weeks after the date of commissioning.

What I want from you in the way of a form is this:

Contact (in-game, dA, or email):
Commission (port, full-color body, etc.):
Visual age:
Any defining traits/features (scars, unusual markings, etc.):
Personality or general mood you want reflected (angry, flirty, etc.):
Palette preference (basic, sunny, pastels, etc.):
Era (primitive, medieval, modern, etc.):
Eye color:
Any visual aids/references:
Any other details you want included:

I prefer you to note me on deviantart with that form but if you don't have one, you can also whisper me in-game on Illes or pm me here on faz. The best chance of contact respects that order.

I take payment via paypal only and I take it upfront to secure the job. I'm on schedule with these now and will give you a solid calendar date on which I will finish the artwork. If your artwork isn't finished by this date, I'll refund a portion of the commission back to you or do some kind of consolation work (probably a speedpaint). Completed art is pre-edit, meaning any additional edits you might want are considered post-completion courtesy and don't qualify for the refund period. This is obviously to keep people from trying to cheat the process.

*Also: From this point on, my commissions are non-refundable unless they are late in respect to what's written above.

Thanks. I hope to work with a lot of you soon!  :)