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Title: Now taking all character art commissions. Price range 5-30
Post by: Raynora on November 30, 2013, 09:16:06 AM
Just in time for the holidays!

Now taking commissions for character art work as well as character protraits. Or even both in one commission. Ever wanted a couple port or character art piece done? Now you can have just that, or if that isn't for you there is always the single character concept and portrait. Pieces and prices are as follows.

Single portrait
Non-remap: 5
Full remap: 7

Couples portrait (two images that create one when side by side)
Non-remap: 8
Full remap: 10

Character art
Line work: 10
Fully designed with Photoshop: 15

Couple character art (Two characters together)
Line work: 20
Fully designed with Photoshop: 30

And of course, a sample of the sort of stuff you can expect, mind you there has been much improvement ontop of what I have to show you here   ;D