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Title: 1GD Descs <3
Post by: rawritsMally on February 15, 2010, 04:28:48 PM
I honestly don't think my descriptions are worth anymore then that; But heh I improve everyday. I've written descriptions for my friends and they seem to enjoy them (Probably because their my friends but what the heck!)
Anyway onto the examples

I don't use paypal, so I'll take GD or maybe an expiring digo depending on what you're after.
A warning though - any of my descriptions get taken, I'll take the thread down.

Florentia: Dark hues of gray fur flaxed with stains of various blue;  It clouded the mind to wonder whether the creature was canine or feline - she was one thing: demure, despite the fact she took to the world naked, no need to hinder perfection that was Florence. Her mass of feathers that appeared to be wings spread out in various shades of aquacyan tainted with the odd feather of purple. Sprouting from the back of her ankles and elbows were tufts of cream fluffy fur, signifying her feral side. Her hair the shaggy, liquorice black that twisted into the odd curl, rippled down her body covering her breasts. Her tail mixed in with the shade of her fur, marred with  tribal markings bursting out in indigo flares to the tip of her tail.

Enticed[Moi]: A canvas of an artistical-venus. Even yellow fur adorn her body shape, marred by some brown stripes upon her rear, and apple-red dimples upon her cheeks. Her brown optics shimmered in the light, in an almost electrical way. Abnormal from the most typical pikachus by her long panooki styled tail banded with a rainbow arrow that reached to the tip of her tail,  she almost passed off gracefully as a pikachu  maintaining the typical pointed ears.  From her ears, a casade of light blue hair swayed down to her shoulders; playing cute to the fullness of every letter. She kept her innocence by wearing 'kawaii' clothes - in this case a hooded dress with a pokeball on the front of it, and a giant pocket for nicknaks.  She wore a novelty sized bow in her hair to play 'innocent pikachu'. The bow was bright pink with white dots. Small ballerina shoes completed the look lacing up to her knees in bright pink.

Winged god amongst mortals was this creature. A mix of neko and dragon born from the darkest pits of Elysium. Striped horns protuded from the dark layers of hair, setting his Dragon heritage, right next to the playful black kitten ears. Almost like the man contrasted with himself. Every now and then a constant flicker of a tongue sparked between parted lips. Not many noticed this, but it occured very often. His black eyes looked souless, evil to the normal eye - yet under the layers was a playful kitten with the genes of a dragon. His tail was a normal cats tail, nothing odd about that. The creature often sat in ragged jeans watching the world go by, flicking his tongue as he did. Let him leave his mark in your memory.

Red headed beautesqué, White hue blotched with black that could only be the race of a husky.  Reaching out the blackness of her hue, tattoos of cherry blossoms branches sprouting soft pink leaves; so delicate - so natural in abundance, were they real?. Her eyes told a thousand tales - bright green in nature, trapped behind a mass of crimson locks. Contrasting with the shortened t-shirt she wore, barely covering the lower part of her tummy, cut in a v-shape exposing the top of her cleavage - where a crystal shaped like the crescent of the moon rested. Lower down resting on the crease of her hip line revealing her flat yet smooth tummy.  Her slick legs covered by her cargo pants, tattered and worn with age.  One of her arms adorn with a bracelet - gems, of a million fallen stars, catching the light and the adventurous gaze in her eyes.

Obviously I expect payment up front before writing, I'm not gonna hand over a description and watch people not pay me. However, ^_^ give me atleast half an hour (That's all it mostly takes me) and I'll email you a wordpad (beacuse not everybody has microsoft word) with the description and several alternatives for you.

One character : One GD
Two Characters: Two GD
Three: This has a special offer; I'll charge you two GD, and do the third one three<3
If you want more then that Whisper me on Enticed and I'll get back to you!.

Some rules:
*If you see a modified description anywhere or someone using one PM me straight away - writing is a form of art! and thus people using my descriptions is art theft.
* Please don't take my examples - they belong to people.
*As I've put I write a couple of alternatives so if you don't like the original go ahead and use one of them, however do not sell the original or any of the alternatives without my consent - right?
* If you don't like the descriptions PM or whisper me and I'll have somemore attempts until we get it right.

I also have some character ideas for sale - i'd make  character designs but I'm lazy :D
Just ask me for something unique and I'll make something.
Title: Re: 1GD Descs <3
Post by: rawritsMally on February 17, 2010, 05:03:26 PM
+ 2GD from selling two descrips to two very happy people ^-^
+ Daily bump :D