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Contests / Heimdall contest-- all done!
« on: December 26, 2012, 09:17:59 PM »
First of all, I wanted to thank EVERYONE who made this contest a success. I was blown away by the number and quality of the entries. This was the first time I did a personal art contest and I will definitely be doing it again sometime in the future. So thank you all so much! :D

I found it too difficult to choose a single winner. Therefore we have two people EACH winning first, second, and third place. (The folks in each place are each listed alphabetically, by the by. ;)) I really had a hard time deciding, so I got a lot of second opinions for help.

Without further ado, here are the entries...

First Place

This picture has a stunning ambiance to it. The character is on full display in front of an utterly bitchin' background. Check that aurora!
(Prize given!)


The quality of the linework on this piece is breathtaking; I barely can express my pleasure with it. The character is very true to the design!
(Prize given!)

Second Place

This pic has great shading and a really imposing presence. I love the colors worked into the light and shadow!
(Prize given!)


The pose in this image is really in-your-face, which is awesome to me! The scars and the ragged look of the wings are very accurate.
(Prize given!)

Third Place

I love the transparent background on this. The overall composition makes it a great web graphic, and I'm in love with that fiery lighting.
(Prize given!)


This image really captures the fiery-icy-chaotic essence of Heimdall! The flames brings it all into a great focal point.
(Prize given!)

Honorable Mention
(aka, everyone else!!! Seriously, everyone did such an amazing job, and I am happy giving away every single scale to each and every one of you!)


(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)

Lear Cace

(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)

Revered/Sam Holtom

(Prize given!)


(Prize given!)

The Ross

(a pony cosplaying as Heimdall ;))

I'll be contacting everyone who entered over the next few days to get your prizes to you. It'll help if you poke me as well! :)

Portrait Art / LF old human male portrait
« on: August 23, 2012, 10:40:51 PM »
Hello! I'm looking for a remappable portrait of my medieval Scandinavian character, Bolverk. He is an elderly human. I'm looking for a nice-looking remappable portrait that shows a little bit of his upper body, but not a whole lot. I would be okay with any style as long as you can capture the character well. :)

Bolverk is bald with a round head and a square face. His cheeks aren't deeply sunken and he has some jowls, as well as a very long beard and big bushy eyebrows. Here is his site, with reference images and description. His first image there has the best ref of his face. He is wearing a tunic with heavy trim and this torc (the fancy one with the red eyes). He also is wearing the Mjolnir necklace that's in the first image on his site. If his hand is showing I'd like there to be a simple wedding ring on the ring finger. I'm going to be a little picky about his face shape, since it's quite particular!

I'm not too particular about the pose, though. I'd like him to have a little smile on his face, and maybe tugging on a part of his beard. The background will depend on the image--I don't know what I want yet in that regard.

Skin: fur
Hair, brows, and beard: hair
Streaks in beard: markings
Eyes: eyes
Tunic: vest
Tunic trim: cape and bracers
Jewelry: nonremap

I can pay in GD and I'm willing to pay a little extra if you normally prefer Paypal. Just reply or PM me with your prices and examples! :)

Patch/Dream Work / One dream commission slot open -- Filled!
« on: May 17, 2011, 05:40:05 PM »
Hello! :) My internship opportunity for the summer fell through so I'm looking for an extra project to fill my time (and pockets) with. And what better project than dreamweaving?

I've been making dreams for a long time! Tons of samples (commission-quality) can be found here: http://vorpalmuse.webs.com/furcadia/dreams.html

Prices start around $30 (or even less for a very small dream) and rise from there. Nonstandard patching and DS cost extra, but the base price includes the basics--so you'll get emits and teleports and a nice patch compiled from free sources at no extra charge. The extra cost starts with things like tracking DS, BaH DS, weather systems, and lots of custom or highly edited patches. I don't have a set formula for determining the price, so if you have an idea in mind, bring it to me and we'll work out a quote.

A sample of a $40 dream commission:

Another $40 dream:

A sample of an $85 dream commission:

If you're interested in seeing any of the dreams on the sample page in person, just drop me a whisper and I'll get back to you ASAP to load them for you.

I accept payment via Paypal.

[Edit] I'm closed for now! I'll edit this thread if I reopen.

Contests / Furcadia Flyer Contest
« on: April 17, 2011, 10:26:18 AM »
Hello all! I'm trying to raise awareness of my Furcadia flyer contest over on the Furc forums. Since it's vaguely artistic I thought it wouldn't be too far a shot to post it here, but if it isn't cool, a mod can poke me and I'll take it down!

The contest is to make or print out a Furcadia flyer (there are designs given, or you can make your own) and post it up somewhere like in a grocery store, community bulletin board, a college campus, etc. (Somewhere where you're allowed to post it, basically!)

The current deadline is April 22, but will definitely be extended... I'm just not sure by how much.

The prize is a year of wings or noble from the Digo Market, like the original flyer contests were. There will also be a raffle for everyone who entered for smaller items like port spaces and roses. (And with our current turnout you'll walk away with a boatload of stuff. <=P)

So if you're interested, the main post is here! http://forums.furcadia.com/index.php?furcadia_session_id=378813-rrbq-wld&showtopic=72657

Portrait Art / Looking for a difficult portrait
« on: February 10, 2011, 11:02:33 AM »
I'm looking to port my half-troll character, Skallagrim. I would like a remapping port, but if you are a good portartist who thinks nonremap would be better, hit me up anyway and we'll see! I don't want more than the torso to be showing--head and shoulders would be best.

I'm looking for someone who has some experience with non-"beautiful" characters. Skallagrim has scars, wrinkles, filthy tusks, and a giant nose. His hair has hardly ever been brushed. He is heavily muscular, but with plenty of fat padding, especially on his gut.

Face ref:

Body ref:

(He has brown tattoos on his upper arms, below the scratch marks--that's what goes in the circles. I just haven't designed them yet.)

The refs don't include an important part of his attire: his bear skin. I'm not 100% sure on how it's going to look yet, but the skinned head (as in, just the skin, with the skull removed) sits on top of his own head, and its forelegs are strapped onto his arms, the paws over his hands. There should also be some of its shoulders/back/mantle draped around or over his shoulders.

So, anyone interested? Post examples and prices, please.

I'm looking to get a port of my tiger character, Mitra, doing a really adorable and sad pouty face. Kinda like the one Puss does in Shrek: http://blogs.sun.com/blu/resource/PussBoots.jpg :P

His site is here: http://www.rprepository.com/c/mitra
It has ref pics. I basically want just a head shot of the pouty face, can be kinda cartoony, but I'd like it to be well rendered. You can leave out his collars since I know they're hard to squeeze into a port.

I like remap ports the best!

If you're interested in doing this port, PM me!

The Gallery / Leather goods pricing
« on: September 14, 2010, 10:20:46 AM »
Hello, all. I was wondering how much you'd pay for leather goods. I'm basically flying by the seat of my pants at this point! I generally make wearable stuff like armors and accessories, but I also make fair stuff and jewelry. There's a big range of stuff in my leathercraft gallery: some of it is really old. So keep that in mind when you're pricing. I have better skills and tools now. :D


What kinds of leather stuff do you like? (armor, collars, bags, jewelry...)
What themes and colors are you interested in? (all black, black and silver, fire colors, autumn colors, dragons, Norse mythology...)
What would you pay for a premade leather thing you like? (you see it in a shop, like it, and buy it)
... for a semi-custom? (it's made from a pattern, but with the colors you specify, and likely sized to fit you best)
... for a fully custom? (made from a brand-new pattern that's just for you. or maybe a new pattern that I'll then use in other projects, which would be cheaper!)
Are my current premade prices fair? (you can see them on my Etsy)

Thanks for your input!

Other Work / Custom and premade leather armor and accessories
« on: September 08, 2010, 05:40:38 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm an aspiring leathercrafter and I've just started selling my goods.

My Etsy shop currently has a few items available, mostly in the $20-$25 range. http://www.etsy.com/shop/VORPALMUSE

You can view most of my leather projects, both new and old, on this section of my deviantArt: http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com/gallery/#Leathercraft
Please keep in mind that some of those projects no longer reflect my skill level. :)

I have made totem necklaces, cuffs, bracers, pauldrons, bags, knife sheaths, and journals, but this isn't the extent of my capabilities. My future projects include more of the same as well as collars and other kinds of armor such as shinguards. If you're looking for something that I'm already planning on attempting, contact me--it might be cheaper than a fully-custom item, which depend on my skill and my available time. So just send me a PM if you're interested and we'll see if we can work something out.

Though I reuse patterns, my pieces are individual.

Character Art / Seeking anthro bird art, paying in GD and/or spaces!
« on: August 27, 2010, 09:35:58 PM »
I'm looking for various types of art, and I'll be paying in scales and/or spaces. I'm not sure if I'm looking for a few small pieces or one or two big ones. It depends on what's being offered! Just let me know what you can do best. I'd also like for people to slap similar but alternative clothes on her, just so she doesn't only have one outfit. ;)

The character is an anthro seagull light mage in a medieval setting. Her desc and her existing refs can be found here: http://www.rprepository.com/site.php?char=1292

Please PM me if you're interested in her! :)

Portraits Only / Playful feral fox, bikini beach femme, and more
« on: May 22, 2010, 12:52:38 AM »
- Remapping/marking edits can be made upon the buyer's request.
- Small things like piercings can be added for free. Any drastic changes will be charged for. (I can also add blinking animation for free.)
- The buyer gets a background of their choice, free, unless a background is already included. If you want me to draw a new background for a port that already has one, it'll cost $1 extra. (I can put a premade BG on it for free, of course.)
- If the port is unfinished, it will be finished for you, unless you want to buy it in its unfinished form. In that case, you'll get a discount.
- If the port gets rejected by Furc, I'm willing to edit it.

I highly prefer Paypal! But I may accept GDs, since these are premades.

Playful Ferian Fox


Bikini Femme Lazing on the Beach

Perfect for summer!

Female Fox Furre


(older premades below)

Angry Human/Elf Woman


(I also take port commissions! http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=1698.0)

Contests / Design-an-NPC contest! -- WINNERS POSTED
« on: May 04, 2010, 10:00:06 PM »
Sorry for the small delay in judging--our prize-doer was whisked off on a surprise aunt-visiting trip. But he's back now and we're all ready to go.

First of all, thanks to everyone for a really awesome contest! All our entries were fantastic, and it was really difficult to narrow it down. So without further ado, here are the winners:

First: Sirum Hest's Waza Kaminago (a spontaneous shapechanging young mageling)
Second: Sneeuw's Donton (a hypochondriac ferret)
Third: Calib's Mathias (an older raven who appears at night to tell stories) AND Matt's Leopold (a nostalgic old lion warrior who pines for his younger battle-days)

We couldn't settle on just one third-prize winner, so Ed has graciously agreed to do two third prizes. We may even do consolation prizes... not sure yet!

Thanks again to everyone, and I hope you'll all take part in our next contest too!

Skuldhellir's Design-a-NPC Contest

My name is Heimdall, and I'm one of Skuldhellir's mediators. Skuldhellir is a new roleplaying setting located in the Imaginarium, though we're still not fully public. It's a rough frontier town that was built ten years ago by a group of dwarves. The town is home to a rich variety of people, all trying to eke out a living. Some fight the gnolls and orcs in the plains, others humbly mine iron, and still others study the strange magical substances being unearthed. Some are here for the town's colorful history, and others are just trying to sell their wares. Some are rich, others poor; some are dwarves, others furres; some are cruel, others kind. The dream is full of NPCs to help immerse the players, but we're looking for a few more!

That's right, I want you lovely people to design some NPCs for me! These NPCs are no ordinary NPCs, either--they're the dynamic ones that change depending on current events in the dream. They're like the next generation of NPCs! We currently have only five. Getting a few more would help enrich the dream--especially if the players help to imagine them!

What you can win:
  • First Place: Your NPC becomes official, you'll score some nice art, and you'll be talked about all over town!
  • Second Place: Your NPC becomes official, and you'll get some art too.
  • Third Place: Your NPC becomes official, and you'll also get some art, though it'll be a bit less detailed.

    More about prizes:
  • Your NPC becoming official means they'll be turned into an object and put into the dream, wherein they become our intellectual playthings--though you'll be credited for their original creation!
  • Being talked about in town means that all of the dynamic NPCs will talk about your character, ICly, for about a week. That doesn't mean they'll all have nice things to say, of course--it depends on their personalities.
  • All the art is by our very own Edward. Winning first or second place will get a cute picture of your character with any one of Skuldhellir's NPCs, doing almost anything you wish! Examples (though these will all have backgrounds and two characters): 1 2 3 4 Third place gets the same thing, but more sketchy/scribbly. Examples: 1 2 3 4
  • Keep in mind that if you win, you need a character that's at least somewhat appropriate for the setting. It isn't hard--anything fantasy-medieval is generally fine! :3

Some basic rules and such:
  • You're free to submit no more than five NPCs, but you can only win once.
  • To submit an entry, PM or e-mail it to Heimdall. Please do not whisper entries.
  • Feel free to come visit the dream to get ideas! furc://skuldhellir:wip/
  • You don't need to be a part of the dream to join and win the contest, but we hope you'll come check it out. :3
  • The three winning NPCs will be turned into items and placed in the dream--we take responsibility for them after that.
  • We may need to tweak them a little bit from your original design.
  • Please no old characters of yours, characters from books, etc. There's no way to always know, so we're just asking for your honesty here.
  • Nothing too terribly outlandish or powerful, please--you're free to ask me if you think there may be a problem.

Fill out this form for each NPC you create:
  • Name: (For our reference.)
  • Gender: (Male or female? Or even something else.)
  • Age: (A child, an elder, or anything in between!)
  • Species: (Not a Furcadia avatar, but what is their actual species? This can be almost anything, but common fantasy creatures, anthros, hyoomans, and dwarves are best!)
  • Occupation/Location: (Where are they in the dream and what do they do?)
  • Appearance: (What do they look like? What do they wear? If you have a suggestion for the walkabout and colors to use for the NPC item, feel free to suggest them. But do keep in mind that they're being turned into an object, so keep it relatively simple.)
  • Personality: (How do they generally act and respond to things?)
  • For optional bonus points, draw a picture and/or write some bits of dialogue to help us better envision your NPC.

  • Gilex's Geidar McNobeard
  • Calib's Byrillanna
  • Calib's Kithrin
  • Calib's Mathias
  • Tutti Frutti's Sanimore
  • Matt's Leopold
  • Matt's Ryker
  • Asi's Riane Ay'Fuil
  • Asi's Valkyrie Wulf
  • Asi's Nite Siuil
  • Sirum Hest's Waza Kaminago
  • Sirum Hest's Khrahk R'jax
  • Pulchra's Sieglinde
  • Rake's Saerima
  • Ferabird's Unnamed
  • Sneeuw's Brunnhilda
  • Sneeuw's Svette
  • Sneeuw's Sanders
  • Sneeuw's Donton
  • Sneeuw's Bjollok
  • Ghost Writer's Slim Harold
  • Samuru's Marsh Witch

The contest ends on June 1st! Please get all entries in by then. :)

If you need to contact me to submit an entry or anything else, you can whisper me on Heimdall, PM me, or e-mail me at vorpalmuse AT gmail DOT com! (Though please don't whisper entries to me.)

Thanks for checking this out!

Hello artists! I have a new character who I'm looking to get some shiny arts for. He's a beefy male minotaur--strong and well-muscled, but with a good bit of flab on his chest and gut, covering up most of the definition there. He has ram horns instead of normal steer horns, and a mane of limp, long hair. Here's his character sheet (it's really concise): http://skuldhellir.forumotion.com/character-info-f2/zazeal-smokestep-t77.htm

However, the "usual attire" in his character sheet isn't up to date. I actually have no idea what he should wear, other than something a rich person would.

So here's what I'm looking for:
-Someone(s) who will work for 5-8ish GD
-Full body or waist-up character art
-Lineart or color (color is preferred)
-No srsbiz big paintings--I can't afford that. Maybe simple or cartoony/stylized stuff.
-Someone willing to help me design clothes for him--they can be rough sketches.

PMing me is best!

Here's the ref I did for him, and then a bust sketch my friend Ed did for me:

Other Work / $10-$15 websites!
« on: September 04, 2009, 04:09:55 PM »
I only have a few casual websites under my belt right now, but I'm getting better with each passing site.

My sites work well for personal characters, guilds, or organizations. If you use a freewebs host I can incorporate a guestbook, and I can add music if you want an iframes site.

The price depends on the complexity of the art you're having me do, and the number of image links you want me to incorporate. It'll be between $10 and $15, paypal only. I'll do the layout design and the coding.

The info I need:
How many pages do you want and what should I call them?
What color scheme or mood/theme would you like?
Do you have picture(s) you want me to incorporate? If so, give me copies of them. Transparent backgrounds only, please! If you give me a high-resolution pic, it'll look better.

Examples from oldest (2 years old) to newest (2 months old). These are all the layouts I've ever made.

If you'd like to commission me, just read through my ToS and shoot me a PM or e-mail. vorpalmuse[at]gmail.com

Art Alerts / Where oh where has my commissionee gone? -- lock please!
« on: July 15, 2009, 10:47:06 PM »
I commissioned Bam in late March for two full body arts for a life leonen. They showed me some sketches right off the bat, and that was cool! Late April came and I PMed Bam asking if they had any more work on the pics done. They said that they were busy (which is fine!) and they had one of the pics almost finished, and they'd show me soon. But I didn't hear back. I PMed them June 6 asking for progress, and when I got no reply, I sent a note to their deviantArt on June 22. I still haven't heard back.

I haven't paid them yet, I'm just wondering where they are and if they still want to do the commission! c: I hope this is the right board--I've seen similar things posted.

The Gallery / Prices prices prices please!
« on: February 25, 2009, 07:37:33 PM »
In an attempt to be more professional and to help my skills develop, I'm going to be doing all of my character art lineless, shaded, in some pose more dynamic than just standing around, and with some semblance of background. (Might be full, or just a design, depending on the commission.) This takes way longer, but it looks better (and more professional, whatever that means). And I hope that as I get more used to it, I'll be able to pump things out a bit faster.

So, 1) how much would you pay for character art like this? and 2) any crits on my shading style/character art? Not so much on the individual pieces; just in general. :) Though point out examples on these if you need to--I know of some of the issues in these, but some I've probably overlooked.

Example time! These are all in my gallery but I figure it'd be easier for y'all to just drop them here.

Here's a piece with the "design" style of background rather than the full painted one:

details linked on the deviation: http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com/art/Cleric-of-Boron-119981282

Here's another with the "design" background.

details linked on the deviation: http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com/art/Wolfshriek-120620164

Just a solid-color background, but it's a portrait!

Fully painted background.

details linked on the deviation: http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com/art/We-re-Being-Attacked-115129076

Body type, species, and expression aren't a problem--I can generally work with whatever character type you toss at me. You can check my other character art in my gallery. http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com

Freeforall Talk / Tablet!
« on: February 20, 2009, 11:33:01 PM »
I'm looking for a cheapish new tablet since mine's flickering on the verge of death. Something pretty small, nothing fancy. Maybe around $100? My old one was a Wacome graphire 3 and it lasted me a long time. Does anyone have any other preferences, bad experiences, etc?

Freeforall Talk / Secret cat
« on: February 14, 2009, 10:45:43 PM »
I'm thinking about adopting a cat over the summer, but the issue is thus: I'll be sneaking it into a no-pets-allowed on-campus apartment. I'll be staying there for--at maximum--2 or 3 years with large breaks where I go live at home. (Summers about 2-3 months and winters about 1.)

As far as I can tell from research/asking around/being in the apartments:
- There will be ample space for an older indoor cat to live comfortably.
- I'll have a roommate who's 100% okay with it.
- I've heard that lots of people keep pets, and most of the RAs (the people who inspect the rooms, etc.) don't care (not sure about this--it still seems flaky).
- The only room inspections are announced, extremely rare, and not thorough at all. They're not allowed to unlock locked doors if you're not there.
- I can afford it.
- I have a contingency plan if I get caught.
- I'm planning for the long term. (General pet owner responsibilities here.)
- I'm planning to get a neutered short-hair cat that's adult or senior in age. Possibly male, since I'd prefer male and they put out the least amount of allergen compared to spayed females and unaltered cats. It has to be mellow and quiet. Hopefully it won't mind being bathed too much.
- I'm going to adopt a cat, not buy a kitten (obviously, since I said I want an older cat).
- I have techniques for cleaning up cat messes.
- Hiding the litter box and cat carrier should be easy enough.

As far as I can tell, my main concern is about the person moving in after me. If they have SERIOUS allergies and have to be put in the hospital, I could be sued by the family for costs. I've been researching a lot of ways to minimize allergens: bathing the cat regularly, certain sprays you can use on them to help kill the allergen, vacuuming very often, and minimizing drapes, fluffy/shaggy carpets/upholstery, all that good stuff. Does anyone know if any of that works? Whether by personal experience, a friend's experience, etc? A vacuum with a HEPA filter would be best, but the cheapest the full-sized ones are is like $100, with like $50 for the handhelds. How noticeable is the difference, does anyone know? That's a lot of money to sink.

I have a couple excuses, too, though I want to avoid it.
A) I can say I go home a lot (I don't), and we have a cat there (we do), so the fur is from my clothes.
B) I work with leather a lot--tooling, cutting, etc. There's gonna be leather dust all over. I also have a few rabbit furs.

My brother said I should buy a taxidermy cat and say it's from that, but... I dunno if anyone would buy it, and it's creepy and expensive. XP

Any tips at all would appreciated. Things I've forgotten, tips for cleaning up fur and messes, etc. And before anyone snarks at me for being irresponsible, please know that I haven't decided anything yet. I desperately want a cat, but I'm not going to do anything too stupid without thinking of any consequences. Plus, it's fun to plan. =P

Patch/Dream Work / Pay-per-use patches and dream commissions by Heimdall
« on: January 22, 2009, 10:37:43 PM »
Hello all. This is my thread for dream commissions and pay-per-use patches.

To contact me:
PM or e-mail (vorpalmuse[at]gmail.com)
You can also whisper Heimdall, but I may be AFK.


I currently only accept Paypal. Sorry!


None at the moment.


I have a page for my pay-per-use patches here: http://vorpalmuse.webs.com/furcadia/ppu.html You can find all the details and descriptions there!

Ocean Madness
(Dock floors and items, wave items, and richly animated water floors.)


Hyooman Walkabout
(A nice human walkabout that fits with the free avatars. Includes three winged versions.)



Looking for a new hangout or guild? I'm very flexible in my weaving ability.

I'm currently looking for a better way to present my dreams, but here are some older examples:

Also, there are a couple dreams that currently load that I have built:

If you're interested, I'll find and upload more examples for you. :)

I won first place in Furcadia's 2009 Summer Dream Contest in the masters category (the dream was called Isles of Ever and I'd be happy to show you) and I have many happy customers.

The price ranges depending on:
  • physical dream size (I'm okay making a dream package-sized dream, as long as you understand you'll NEED the DP to keep it uploaded)
  • patches needed to gather or create
  • DS involved

Generally the price fluctuates around $40-$50.

I have the most practice at these kinds of dreams medieval fantasy roleplaying dreams and feral dreams. However, I have a broad range of examples.


Premade Patch Rules:
  • Patch packs are premade patches sold to multiple people. They can be used in any personal project but cannot be redistributed in any form. (If the patches are in a dream that the purchaser wants to give to a co-Rah or Taneest so they can upload, this is allowed for a small fee. You still can't mass-redistribute the patches, please.)
  • You may use them in multiple dreams, just let me know which ones so I can add them to the list. :3
  • You may edit them as much as you see fit and in any manner, as long as rule 1 still stands.
  • Some of these patches are animated via Kitterspeak. It's therefore difficult to get a screenshot that does them justice. Just PM, e-mail, or whisper me in-game and I'll be happy to load a test dream for you. (I may be AFK--just keep trying. I WILL contact you in return eventually!)
Premade Dream Rules:
  • I can tweak some small things for free as long as it doesn't involve messing with the structure of the dream.
  • Larger edits can be made but it'll cost you! Larger edits can be anything from adding a room to changing the color scheme.
  • If the dream has patches I deem "exclusive," please make sure to adhere to the "patches" rules listed above. If you don't want to adhere to those rules, just let me know, and I'll replace the exclusive patches with non-exclusive ones!

Contests / THREE unique writing contests-- WINRARS POSTED
« on: January 05, 2009, 06:34:26 PM »
Thanks to everyone who entered! We got tons of entries that I loved and I'll be contacting people personally about using nonwinning entries in our continuity. I'll also be contacting the winners about their prizes!

What's the Story? contest

Species Contest
Lucas Royal's tudboc

Landmark Contest
Eldred's Blackstone Trident

The entries are written out, so I won't post them here for space's sake, just the names/titles. If anyone is curious, these three winning entries are posted later in this thread! They'll also be on our website along with the others I'm adding to the cont.

Thanks again!!


Hello hello! It's time to bring in some new blood to my dream, Northkeep. Northkeep is a strict fantasy RP guild with a very specific continuity/setting. It was a fortress built into a mountain chain on the Isle of Etla, though a semi-recent IC event has relocated it to a distant island that has come to be known as the Northern Edge. With new land comes new opportunity for worldbuilding... that's where you come in!

Our Guild Website!

I'm hosting three separate contests here. Here are brief descriptions. There's more detail below!

What's the Story?
Write a backstory for a certain piece of art I made for the dream--a gigantic white pelt.

Creation: Species
Design a species native to the Northern Edge.

Creation: Landmark
Design a small landmark or geological feature on the Northern Edge.

- You may enter each contest as many times as you'd like. You can win both of them as well. But if I add second and third prizes, you'll only be able to place once in each contest.
- If I don't use your designs/backstories/etc, you may ALTER them so they have nothing to do with Northkeep, the Northern Edge, or Etla, then reuse them.
- Entries that break the continuity will be disqualified, sorry. You can read all about the continuity on our site. Though it's not required that you check it out, you might break something and get disqualified if not.
- If none of the entries are fitting for my continuity, then none will become official. However, the prizes will still be given no matter what!
- If your landmark or species gets used in the continuity, then you give me the rights to make changes. If I want to tweak it before it gets added, I'll ask you. But if it gets changed over the course of RP, you won't be alerted.
- If I like multiple entries enough, I'll pick a winner to receive the art prize, but I'll add all of them to the continuity (with permission).
- The Gravestone Isles (which include all of the islands northeast of the main landmass) are off limits.
- Entries will be judged on originality and how well they fit with the continuity at large. However, tons of bad grammar/poor spelling/thesaurus humping reflects poorly on you because it makes it difficult for me to read.
- Have questions on what I'm asking, about the cont or contests, etc? Post here or PM me!

The winning entry of each contest will be added to our continuity, with full credit to the creator of course!
The winner of the each contest will receive a port space, 10 GD, and a fullbody art piece or a portrait (remap or nonremap) of one character. My gallery can be viewed here: http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com

The deadline for all three contests is April 1. The judging and announcing of winners will take place during our Water Festival.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Just want to turn in an entry? You can PM me, post a reply here, whisper me on Furcadia (Northkeep or Kain Ragnorok) or e-mail me (vorpalmuse [at] gmail.com).

What's the Story?
It's massive, dirty white, and not quite as fluffy as it used to be. Was it a gigantic polar bear? Maybe an albino frost giant, or even one of the yetis from the fables? Perhaps it wasn't a creature at all, but something else entirely--a wizard's trick, perhaps. But if anyone knows the story behind it, they're not telling. Maybe you'd care to share the secret?

Write a short history/backstory for the fur (pictured below). Where did it come from? How did it get to the keep? Where else has it been? Be creative! Write well!

Please limit your entry to about 2500 words or less.

Things I Like:
- humor
- originality
- fable-esque qualities (if you told this story, would it sound like a fairy tale? If so, good!)

Things I Don't Want:
- your characters/guilds in the history (feel free to make up characters for the backstory, though)

The rug:

The rug in its natural habitat:


Creation: Species
Many strange beasts occupy the mountains, but these are all from Etla, roaming in and out of the portal. What creatures made the Northern Edge their home before the keep was dropped there?

Design a species that makes its home on the Northern Edge. It has to be capable of surviving in its environment, be it mountains, sea, or pineland. It can be sentient or feral, shy or aggressive, big or small. Describe their appearance, what colors they can be, common mutations, and personality/temperment. Are they carnivores or herbivores? How do they survive in their enviroment, and what part of the Edge do they live on? Feel free to add sketches to help get your point across.

Things I Like:
- feral or stupid races (it simplifies things)
- realism and believability

Things I Don't Want:
- overpowered magical races
- demonic, angelic, or dragonlike races
- anything very intelligent or long-lived
- races similar to the ones we already have

Lucas Royal -- Tudboc
Serin Peth -- Gruhgle walkers
Demi -- Yayaro
Jhuelian -- Lurkers
Ulrin -- Graxx
Runetta -- 3-toed Skag

Creation: Landmark
We're in a brand new world. Each day, we discover more tracts of mountains. More unending walls of stone and frost, more valleys that look like they've been carved with hatchets. There are some landmarks, though, like Looking Glass Lake. There are sure to be others...

Design a landmark of some kind. An interesting lake or patch of forest? A boulder that's shaped like a howling wolf? Design its appearance and give it a name! I don't have any clear wants/don't wants in my mind for this contest, so go nuts.

Eldred -- Blackstone Trident
Lares -- the shrine

Thanks for checking this out!

The Gallery / Crits/thoughts on a t-shirt design
« on: December 15, 2008, 09:13:54 PM »
I'm designing a tshirt for my friend as a generic winter holiday present. He likes the black metal band Darkthrone, but doesn't so much like their shirts, so I decided to make my own design. Check youtube if you want to hear their music to get a feel for it. So I'm just looking for crits and thoughts on this design! I may make it smaller.

Also, does anyone know of any good t-shirt sites? I just want to get this one shirt made, not sell the design (if not illegal, then unethical.. but probably illegal :P) and I want something fairly high-quality (no cafepress please). There are so many of them and I have so little experience. >.<; Is http://www.customink.com/ good?

Thanks! :3

In-Depth Talk / Policy form!
« on: December 06, 2008, 08:22:52 PM »
Hey everyone! :3 There's been a bit of a stink on the forums about some refund issues. I think that these issues could all be prevented in the future if artists state their refund policies clearly. Not just refund policies, either--also stuff about timeliness, showing previews, etc. So I wrote this form that all commissionable artists can put somewhere and link their commissioners to. I think that the majority of transactions are fine without this, but for the few that cause drama, it's nice to have these policies in writing!

Feel free to discuss and offer suggestions for more things I can put on the form! But remember, we're not actually discussing the policies themselves. For example, person A thinks that artists should never give refunds because they still do the work even if the commissioner is unhappy, and person B thinks that you should give full refunds because you shouldn't sell sub-par work. If person A and person B want to debate that please open a new topic. This is just a thread of questions to ask yourself about your own policies! c:

The things in (parentheses) are examples of how you might answer that question. They're obviously not the only answers. XP

Here we go!

Will I ever offer refunds to unhappy commissioners?
- When? (Whenever the commissioner is unhappy, period? Only after showing the first preview of the unfinished work? After the second, third?)
- Under what circumstances? (Only if they're not a jerk about it?)

Will you offer to make changes to the piece if the commissioner asks?
- When? (Only in the sketching phase? Any time at all?)
- How much are you willing to change? (A whole new sketch/piece? Only a couple small tweaks?)

Will I finish and resell the work?

Will I show previews of the unfinished work?
- When? (After each major phase? After every minor tweak?)
- How many? (Only one? Over nine thousand?)

What kinds of alternative payment will I accept, if the commissioner doesn't have what I want?
- When will I allow this? (Only if I really like the subject matter of the commission? Never?)

Will I ever decline commissions from individuals even if my commissions are currently open?
- Why? (Dislike the subject matter? Don't trust the commissioner?)

What will I do if my commissioner disappears and they haven't paid? (Wait for three months then resell the work? Hold tight until they show up again?)

What will I do if there's an emergency and I can't finish the commission in a timely manner? (Refund half and keep half for the effort? Ask them if they mind waiting? Refund them in full and maybe finish+resell the work later?)

When will I accept payment from the commissioner? (After everything is finished? After I show one preview? Before I begin? Half before I start and half when I'm finished? Half in the middle and half at the end?)

Will I watermark the art?
- On which pieces? (Only on previews? On all images?)
- What size? (Large and obvious to prevent theft before the commissioner has paid? Small and unobtrusive on the final piece, like a signature?)

Will I post the finished work in my gallery?

Okay all! I'm working on my new commission website and I'm doing another revamp of my prices. Some of my prices I'm happy with and others I'm not--but I'm all ears for your input! :3

This is a long, meaty thread. So very meaty. I take commissions for pretty much everything, and I'm asking for input on ALL my prices, so... yah, it'll be big. I'm mostly looking for price input on patches, so if this is tldr, just look at that. Thank ye kindly!

Note: I reference my Roamheart patches a bunch. The link to them is here: http://archive.roamheart.com/?p=3&sort=date_desc&search=1&search_title=&search_author=kain%20ragnorok

My dA gallery has more examples, though I list a bunch for each category: http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com


For the purpose of this thread, "patches" = floors, walls, and objects.

Patches are so varied, I don't even know where to begin with pricing.

Here are some samples of my patching. Please don't take them--thanks!
(A bunch of stuff is animated... whisper me on Kain Ragnorok if you want to see it in-game with the animations! :3)

Northkeep's library:

Northkeep's tavern, the Ponderous Yeti:

The Greatfall in the mountains near the keep:

Dock and ocean patch packs (for sale) (animated to the MAX!):

I also have a few older patches on Roamheart.


How much do you usually charge for these? I had one walkabout commission that I charged $25 for, but it was a (heavy) edit on one of my older walkabouts. Here are the prices on my commission website:

Walkabout: 20 to 35 USD
The base price for a patch. The southwest and northwest poses are drawn, then flipped to get the southeast and northeast poses. All four laying poses may be drawn separately, or flipped, depending on the patch. The price is higher for more detail and larger art.

+ Non-Flipped Poses: 20 USD
An optional cost. To understand what I mean, look at the feline or canine player. The southeast-facing pose isn't just mirrored from the southwest-facing pose--it's shaded separately. That kind of doubles the work. (Ursines, for example, are just flipped, so you can compare them to the canine.) If you don't want to pay this extra 20 USD, then the poses will be flipped (though the shadows will be adjusted appropriately.)

+ Portraits and Tags: 25 to 30 USD
Add portraits and specitags (the little tags next to your name in the textbox). 25 USD for two genders, 30 USD for all three.

+ Animation: individual basis
If you want animated avatars, we'll see if we can work something out. Chances are, it'll be a large chunk of change.

Does that sound fair? I don't think I'm all that great at avatars, but they're a lot of work and they're not my favorite thing in the world, so I made them a bit expensive.

Here are some samples of my avatars:

v.5 Hyoomans (for sale):

German shepherds (downloadable on Roamheart):

Monks (downloadable on Roamheart):

I have a couple older hyooman patches on Roamheart, too. But they're kind of eyesores so I won't post 'em directly.


My ports are currently $15 for remappable and $20 for nonremappable. (I'm thinking about bringing the nonremap price down to $15 too, though.) I like this price, but in the past few months I've only had like three commissions, so I'm wondering if it's too high.

Examples (oldest to newest):


I only get a couple dream commissions and I'm wondering if this price is too high, though it feels right.

Dreams: 15 to 35 USD
This is a basic dream with no custom patching and only very basic Dragonspeak. The larger and more complex the dream, the more expensive.

+ Patching: + 5 USD
This cost covers any patches you want me to put into the dream. Even if you find the patch yourself and give it to me to use, I still charge, because I'll go out of my way and ask the artist/look for the downloadable patch file to see if I'm allowed to include them in a commission. (Sorry, I don't like it when my patches get given out when I don't want them to be, so I wouldn't do it to anyone else.) The 5 USD cost covers this as well as some custom items (for example, I do a set of recolored basic items to fit with the dream's color scheme, add a couple statues, etc.).

+ Complex DS: + 5 to 20 USD
This cost covers DS more complicated than just the simple things (like room teleports). Weather DS, sounds, rides, little games, and so on.

Here are some pics of my dreams:

Character Art

Base Price: 10 to 15 USD
This is a full-body image of one character in a simple standing pose. It is colored lineart with no background. The variance in price depends on the complexity of the character.

+ Simple Shading: +5 USD per character
Add simple shading to the character. "Simple" means one fairly ambiguous light source. (Complex shading would involve firelight, or glowing amulets, or something like that.)

+ Background: +5 to 35 USD
Add a background. Ranging from least detail to most. Low-detail backgrounds will have just a couple features and no shading. High-detail backgrounds involve a full scene, fully shaded. Needless to say, this is decided on a case by case basis!

+ Other Characters: +5 to 15 USD each
Add multiple figures in the drawing. The more detail, the higher the cost, like the original lineart. Sometimes, if I deem another character to be fairly small or simplistic, I can add it for free.

+ Dynamic Pose: +2 to 15 USD
Add dynamics to the pose of the character. Normally character art just features a simple standing pose, like a reference sheet. A dynamic pose adds movement or unusuality to the pose. Examples include running, fighting, dancing, sitting, laying, etc. (Dynamic poses are more difficult to do, which is why the cost is higher.)

Examples in no particular order:
http://vorpalmuse.deviantart.com/art/Nafretiri-68393820 (exposed boobies)

The Gallery / Misc crits and prices, please?
« on: June 28, 2008, 02:05:10 AM »
Hullo there! I'm pretty confident with what I charge, but it's always nice to have some second opinions. Have any tips or crits for what I should work on? =)

I recently raised my price to $15 for a full port. SOMETIMES I will do lineart for $10 but I dislike it since my lineart is crappy and is really just a background for my shading. Also I hate doing it.

Here are my 3 most recent ports:

(All not for anyone's use but who they belong to. Sedde for the first one and Northkeep for the second two.)

I'd also like someone to please redline the unshaded pic here. I want it to match the shaded one. I am trying to match it as much as possible to the default Furc avatars. When I finish it it will possibly be pay-for-use.

(Please don't steal. I figured I'd be safe since there are other unfinished shapes etc and the pixels are remapped and whatever. Just letting you know there's a 99% chance this won't be a free avatar so please don't use it. <3)

Portrait Art / $15 or $20, paypal only!
« on: May 25, 2008, 01:16:17 AM »
Buy my ports!
$15+ for remaps
$20+ for nonremaps
$20+ for serious animation (remap)
Paypal only

I'm fine doing nudity and gore, but probably nothing outright pornographic. Feel free to ask. My style is generally realistic.


My remappable ports have a base price of $15. They are sketched and colored/shaded in Photoshop at 475x475 px, then shrunk down and put into the FSH editor, where I do the more detailed pixelwork. Small animations (blinking eyes, twinkling stars, etc.) are FREE.


My nonremappable ports are actually 475x475 px digital paintings in Photoshop and are more complicated due to their larger color range. They are more expensive at a base of $20.


My animated ports have a base finished like normal remapping ports. Depending on the kind of animation, parts will either be redrawn frame by frame, or adjusted by pixel. No matter the case, animated ports start at $20. (As stated above, very minor animation is free.)


Before you commission me, read my TOS. It's pretty basic. By commissioning me you just agree that you're chill with the terms. :)


Please contact me via PM or e-mail (vorpalmuse[at]gmail.com). That'll be the fastest response.

Welcome to my premade ports thread!


E-mail: vorpalmuse[at]gmail.com
Furc: Kain Ragnorok



- I accept PayPal and GDs, as well as possibly port spaces. One space = $5.
- If you'd like to see anything in-game, just contact me!

- Remapping/marking edits can be made upon the buyer's request.
- Small things like piercings can be added for free. Any drastic changes will be charged for.
- The buyer gets a background of their choice, free, unless a background is already included. If you want me to draw a new background for a port that already has one, it'll cost $1 extra. (I can put a premade BG on it for free, of course.)
- If the port is unfinished, it will be finished for you, unless you want to buy it in its unfinished form. In that case, you'll get a discount.
- If the port gets rejected by Furc, I'm willing to edit it.

- Designs are yours to edit. If the design is flatcolored, I can change the colors. I may be willing to also edit markings, etc.



Bellydancer Feline
So I've finally decided to sell off this picture/design. It's a totally random pic from 2005 that I still really like. I used to have a char for her, but I never RPed her, not even once. =P So I'd like her to get to see the light of day! The only rule is that she's gonna stay in my deviantart gallery. I'll change the deviation to credit you as the new owner, though. I can provide a version with a smaller watermark.


Lagomorph Druid
A doodle I popped out. Loosely based on the sprite from Secret of Mana and the lagomorph in Final Fantasy 6 that pops up when you fail at Setzer's slots. I can change the expression to a smile or something else. Colors and markings and stuff can all be changed.




Angry Hyoomanoid Chick

Price: 1 GD
(This port was made in mid 2008. It was designed for a dream but just doesn't fit, so I turned it into a premade.)


Large List of Older Ports

Prices: they range from 1-5 GD
(These are all older ports from 2005-2006-ish. They're from a port set I was working on but eventually scrapped.)

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