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Author Topic: Victoria's Reviews  (Read 1023 times)

Offline Vicky

Victoria's Reviews
«: February 19, 2010, 08:13:29 PM»
People Whom I've Commissioned:

Am'God: Absolutely fabulous! Their portrait shading is wonderful, and they're extremely patient when it comes to re-paying them. I would re-commission them or refer them to a friend in a heart beat. <3

Georgia: She's such a sweetheart! They're extremely patient when it comes to re-paying them.

Rex T-Rex: Absolutely fabulous! Their extremely patient when it comes to editing something to your exact specifications. I will definitely re-commission them.

People Who've Commissioned Me:



Harpo/Experience/Candie/Teddy: Trade fell through due to their failure to uphold their end. I'm sorry to say this, but they're rude, immature and completely unreliable. I will not deal with them in the future. (since she changes names to avoid detection: FAZ & FAM.)
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Re: Victoria's Reviews
«Reply #1: April 22, 2010, 12:43:51 AM»
Quote from: Rules
Reviews are not to be sorted by any form of "good/bad" categorization.
a.     This includes colorization, faces (  :)  :-\  :(  ), symbols, etc.
b.     It is suggested you sort your list by date or alphabetically.