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Author Topic: I would love some help + red lines. :) Updated.  (Read 860 times)


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I would love some help + red lines. :) Updated.
«: February 23, 2010, 04:41:57 PM»

I just recently got back into art and it's been a while... I unfortunately don't have an art teacher anymore to help me with proportion/lines, however. :/ I would love for someone to help me out with a ref of mine -- but I'm encountering a few perspective problems. The angle is slightly looking down, and she's leaning against to wall. I'd also love to know how I could include her wings in. I'd be eternally grateful for some help as I hope to eventually turn it into a decent piece. <3 (The heavy ink shading was where I covered up a hand mistake. >.>)

I'm not looking to sell my work (yet)... I just want to better myself as an artist. I'm better with charcoal things and mixed media, but I want to start mastering forms... correctly. It's my biggest weakness.

Image is biiig, but I think a bigger size will show my mistakes easier. http://i50.tinypic.com/qslidi.jpg

The horns were a trouble, too! They're supposed to be modeled off those of a sable unicorns. (WTF did I really say Sable Unicorn? I meant Sable Antelope.) And I couldn't quite get the hair right, so I decided just to sketch. I also failed at making the ruby embedded in her forehead look right. She's supposed to have a ruby surround by tiny diamonds.

This is just line art -- I want to get the lines right before I start shading, coloring, ect.

More things:

Ok, character was a lava lamp. It was difficult to color.

Only me. Lol. Anyway, foreshortening problems here + perspective.

Help here too please?


Viewpoint from slightly upward. Meh. Again, foreshortening is my weakness.
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