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Author Topic: Regular Descriptions at 1GD, Extended 2-3 GD  (Read 669 times)

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Regular Descriptions at 1GD, Extended 2-3 GD
«: February 27, 2010, 10:12:11 AM»
Hello and welcome to Kayla's description emporium.

The Wares

1) A regular Furcadia description ranging from 8-9 lines. 1 GD
2) An extended Furcadia description that is usually a page in Microsoft Word at size 12 font. 2 GD
3) A description that is longer then one page in Microsoft Word at size 12 font. 3 GD
4) Outfit descriptions usually 9 lines or more. 1 GD


1) Don't claim as your own. You don't have to put it in your actual description that you didn't create it, but please if someone asks you don't lie. If you have a website for your character you can always credit me there, rather then having that annoying little credit at the bottom of your description.

2) I don't care what you do with my description once I've sold it to you. As long as you don't claim it as your own or try to resell it I'm perfectly fine if you want to alter it.

Things I'll Need From You, The Player

-a visual reference is nice but not required
-a character website if it's available
-a filled in form


Portspaces (If you're buying in bulk we may be able to work out a 'package')

The Form

Hair color
Anything extra you'd like added
Link to site, art, or clothing
What type of description are you buying? (Clothing, regular, extended, longer then one page?)


PM me on here, whisper or leave a whisper to Tainted, or send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Current Clients





This cat just seemed too cool for school. Recently graduated from Humber College, he felt on top of the world. A confident look was often held on this man's face, his stride proud. Glossy black hair went down to his shoulders, making his pale skin tone seem more apparent due to the contrast. His six foot tall stature often towered over many a person, although he did not loom over them like a dark cloud ready to unleash a thunderstorm. His eyes were the color of the seas on a warm day, turquoise and forever beautiful. Even if there was hate radiating from those eyes of his, it seemed almost a twisted beauty, something only another artist or true observer would think of or see. With a confident look in his eyes, there was usually always a snide remark ready to come out of those perfect lips of his, and start the hate train a rollin'.

Many would not know it, but under that hair of his, his ears were untouched from metal or plastic that so many of his generation wished to add to their being. His lean form was something many were perplexed about, those who knew him anyway. He ate like a pig, and he rarely ever exercised. Even if Slash had the ability to eat like a starved child from a third world country, he often was found getting a quick bite to eat or eating a rather small salad due to time restraints. Those who had been lucky enough to befriend him, or mad enough to, found out that he was a very hard worker.

Although his form was small, he had some power in those lean muscles of his. A lot of the time when his previous band had done gigs they would all help tear down, set up, and take only half hour breaks between playing and then moving onto the next show. He could run for miles if he really wanted to, but sitting back at home or going to a club was something he preferred over getting sweaty for no good reason at all.

His legs were lanky and if you were lucky enough to see him in shorts (I assure you, it's very, very rare) you'd see that they are just as pale as the rest of his body. When he does go into shorts, he doesn't tan, he BURNS. He also seems to be a hairless wonder, although he doesn't shave or wax any of it off. His skin wasn't rough either, but rather silky smooth.

Last, but not least, was something many people's eyes were drawn to when meeting him. His tattooed arms were the most covered of his body with ink, having two full sleeves on his arms. There was the odd other tattoo slapped here and there on his body, but those that were exposed when he was wearing a t-shirt were most apparent. The tattoos were all of black and white, some not filled in yet because of the money issue, and other's he simply didn't want to fill.

The way he walked, talked, and even seemed to breathe screamed artist all at once. He was angry at the world, at anyone who stood in his way of the vision he was trying to create. Whenever a song seemed to come on the radio, you could see his eyes change. There was excitement, there was curiosity as to how the artist had come up with the rhythm, or if the rhythm seemed to be a repeat of one of the greats old songs. A musician at heart, this guy only seemed to want to rock, and rock it hard.



Standing at a mere five foot five, this Finnish man was a bit of a shrimp when it came to height. What he lacked in height he made up for in attitude however, looking about as aggressive as he felt most days. Tattooed arms were easily the most inked part of his body, his right arm a complete sleeve of ink. Dyed blonde hair went past his shoulders, and was almost always kept untied unless the situation called for it. Body was lean but toned, and often covered by a black band t-shirt and some black pants with a studded belt for support. Face was generally kept clean, the only bits of facial hair to be seen were the sideburns and soul patch, eyes a dark brown in color. Known for speaking like a sailor, Alexi is very fond of using the overused F-Bomb.



Dark and eerie looking would be a good way to describe Tainted. Lean and at a relatively good height, he often slouched when in large groups of people... or if there were shorter people about. He could often be found with his hands in his short pockets, leaning against a wall or at a table staring mindlessly into space.

Hair was a natural lucid black that gleamed in the light. Hair was overly long for a male, stopping just past the middle of his chest. Often only one eye was visible from the way his hair was parted, just near the side of his head on the left which caused most of the right side of his face to be covered.

If someone happened to catch a glance at his entire face, they may notice something strange. The left eye was a pale blue in color and had a birth mark of a most peculiar nature under it; an upside down cross. Above the left eye a bit was a small amount of body modification, an eyebrow piercing. The right eye was most unusual in nature simply for its color, a red that seemed darker in various lighting than others.

His face itself was thin with high cheekbones and a thin nose. Forehead appeared long but in reality it was just the high parting of his hair that gave off this illusion. Nose was slightly upturned with moderately thin nostrils and appeared to fit his face perfectly. Eyebrows were nothing special, but were of a simple structure and appeared well maintained; although it was completely natural.

Upper body was thin yet muscled, however not enough to really classify him as anything more than lanky or skinny. Shoulders were not excessively broad and he was often found slouching. The only thing about his upper body that stood out as unnatural was the tattoo of a grim reaper on his right forearm. Hair had seemingly decided that it didn't want to grow on his chest, much like how it refused to grow on his face enough to allow for a full beard.

Lower half was almost always spotted wearing a pair of loose bondage looking shorts that went halfway down past his knees. Usually these shorts were held up by a simple black leather belt or were snug enough to support themselves. Legs also seemed to have an issue with growing hair and appeared extremely thin only because of the bagginess of his shorts.

Socks were white and often just ankle high and hidden from view due to footwear. Either he was found wearing black high lace up combat boots with metal plates on them or a pair of black sneakers.


Human was what some might call this creature, but half-breed was more accurate. Half demon and half human, Tainted looks more like the latter of the two. Long silky smooth black hair runs to the middle of his chest, and generally covers his right eye. Windows to the soul were of mismatched colors. Left was a pale blue while the right, though often hidden, was a very vibrant red. Thin was a very easy way to describe him. He had a  long thin face and a long lean body to match.


T-shirt was black with a bull head skull on the front of it. A band t-shirt in fact, with the words Reanimator above it in white lettering with blood splatter on it. It fit him well enough, allowing for arm movement without tightening around the chest.

Lower half sported some bondage pants with chains and various things hanging off of it. A set of keys could be seen, as well as a specific chain that led into one of his pant pockets where his wallet was housed.

Socks were regular and white in color but hidden from view due to his lace up black combat boots. A perfect fit those boots were, and with them being fastened the way they were it wasn't likely they were going to be off his feet any time soon.
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