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Author Topic: $5 ports- Going to a good cause!  (Read 812 times)

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$5 ports- Going to a good cause!
«: February 28, 2010, 11:05:02 PM»
Hey all! Not many of you know me, as I haven't been a port artist for very long, but I thought I'd advertise a little since all the money I make from commissions, now until April, will be going towards a great cause!

I work for the MD SPCA, a non-profit organization animal shelter in Maryland. We do high-velocity spay/neuter, as well as low-cost vaccinations for the public, amongst other things. Our shelter gets NO funding from the government, and we are not affiliated with any other shelters (including the much known-about ASPCA in New York). Our entire operating cost is covered by our generous donaters, people like you!

Currently, my work is hosting its biggest fundraiser of the year, the March for the Animals. I've joined my work's "pack" and am doing my best to raise money, and I'm really hoping that some people here who were looking for someone to make them a portrait would consider my artwork.

My portrait prices are normally $10/10GD/2 port spaces; but for those of you who are willing to donate to the shelter, I'm setting my prices as one port for every $5 donation. That's right, a $5 port!

I'm also willing to review other payment options, if you'd like to donate but don't have paypal. Last year I received some cash/checks/money orders from people who wanted to donate, and I simply deposited everything into my bank account and used my own paypal to make the donations under their names. If you don't have paypal, but are still interested in the $5 port deal, let me know and we'll work something out!

Samples of my work can be seen at my DA: www.annwnammy.deviantart .com

Please know that I'm much better at doing feral ports then anything else. I've never attempted an anthro port, and am still rather new to drawing anthros in general. I'm willing to attempt anything, though! If you're looking for an anthro port, please contact me and I'll do my best to get you a sketch done before we talk about payment, just to be safe that you'll be happy with the portrait. I want everyone to be satisfied with what they receive :3

My journal there also goes into much greater detail about the wonderful work our shelter does. I'm not going to make you read it, but it really is amazing some of the goals we accomplished in 2009.

So, I'm sure you're wondering how this will work. I'd greatly appreciate having the money donated before I finish your port; however, I'm more then willing to complete the sketch and have it approved by you before you donate; that way if you're not happy with how it looks, I have time to make any fixes or you have time to back out before you loose your money. I CANNOT refund any money once it has been donated; please know this! I don't want to scare you, but 100% of the money donated goes directly to my work, and I have no control over what's been donated. I won't be seeing a penny of this money.

Donations should go here, but as I said, I'm more then happy to sketch out your piece and have it approved by you before asking you to donate anything: www.marchfortheanimals.k intera.org/amber

Or you can just be an awesome person and donate a little bit because you're super nice. I'm not expecting that, though X3 I'm totally and completely ready to work for these donations!

Please, please, please, if you'd like to contact me about a possible commission/donation whisper me at Ammy or Art, or send me a note to my DA (linked to above). I will do my best to check frequently, but if you message me here, I may not see it!

Thanks so much for your time and support!
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Re: $5 ports- Going to a good cause!
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Re: $5 ports- Going to a good cause!
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