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Author Topic: five dolla portraits nnnyeah gurl  (Read 1334 times)


five dolla portraits nnnyeah gurl
«: March 05, 2010, 02:34:14 AM»

example 1 2 3 4 5

i would prefer to do nonremaps but if you absolutely feel like your portrait NEEDS to be remappable, i'll try my best not to make it look like i spent less time on it lol

ferals: i can potentially squeeze in two characters for $5 if i do the nonremap / nonpixel lines, its just easier for me that way

humanoids: no general preference but if i can't manage to draw your character i'm not going to have a problem telling you after several attempts. and i promise to make more than two attempts before giving up. i 100% prefer to do these with pixel lines.

backgrounds/poses/expressions: if, for whatever reason, you want a certain background, i can try to draw one. i can't promise it'll look good but i obviously need to skill up in that area. please don't be too specific with poses, i like to be creative- same thing goes for expressions. if your character is evil, i wont slap a smile on there, so dont worry lol.

p.s. i have no forms, and i would prefer reference pictures over descriptions any ol' day. ~__~;;

i accept only port spaces, gd, or paypal. you pay AFTER you receive the art.

commission status: open (1-2 at a time until i can manage ~__~)
1. Joan
2. (openish)

contact via furcadia (finch) or PMs
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Re: nonremappable ferals (5$)
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shit im cold

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Re: nonremappable ferals (5$)
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how do i talk blue


Re: five dolla portraits nnnyeah gurl
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