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Author Topic: Cheap ports; 2-4 gd.  (Read 909 times)

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Cheap ports; 2-4 gd.
«: March 10, 2010, 08:44:21 PM»

Brigade's Cheap Non-remap Ports!

Ok normally, I'd never post my art in the public like this, nor take commissions because I am very uncomfortable with my style, lol. Thus, my ports are not expensive, and will remain as so. I tend to finish pretty quickly, and get things done within the same day they're commissioned, depending on if my art muse works with me or not; normally it does, so you should never be left hanging. I have little rules against things, so I'm pretty lenient on them. There are certain poses and angles I will not do, though.

All of my ports are non-remap, and done in Paint Tool SAI. Like I said before, I tend to finish the sketch pretty quickly, and the port itself not to long after.

Examples ++

+ Commission for Navel on Furcadia.

+ Port for my character, Villa.

+ Gift for my friend's character, Hyped. (no others will be lined in pixels like that unless you ask, it will add 1 gd to the price, too.)


1.. I will not do naked ports; I cannot draw anything nude, even artistic, because it makes me very uncomfortable.
2.. I'm pretty lenient on poses and characters, but I'm warning you now: if I believe your character is too difficult for me, I will do another character that most simple for less than the original. Same for if the pose is too difficult. (This doesn't mean I won't try, though)
3.. I will not do conjoined ports. Sorry.
4.. If you aren't satisfied with one of the two sketches I show you at first, I will gladly keep trying till you're pleased.
5.. If you are not satisfied with the color scheme, I will redo it. If you change the colors of the character, and want me to redo it, I won't. Chances are I didn't save it as a .SAI file, which means I'd have to redo the whole port - which I don't want too.
6.. I do both feral and anthro, but if you ask for a profile view of a feline or something with a short muzzle, I make no promises it'll come out decent.


ALL of my ports are between 2-5 gd. Depending on the complexity of the character, pose, and if you want it lined in pixels, will vary the price. This price will never change unless I get better, LOL.
I take Paypal and GD. Those two only.


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Re: Cheap ports; 2-4 gd.
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isabump c:

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Re: Cheap ports; 2-4 gd.
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Re: Cheap ports; 2-4 gd.
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Ty Saint for the commission C: bump~

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Re: Cheap ports; 2-4 gd.
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late bump o-o;