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Author Topic: General Site Rules - MUST READ (updated 5/11/2014)  (Read 2366 times)

Offline Zim

General Site Rules - MUST READ (updated 5/11/2014)
«: March 16, 2010, 07:21:17 PM»
  • Each member will read and understand any rules that apply not only to the whole site, but to each specific forum as well.
    a.      It is your responsibility to be aware of the site’s rules, not ours.
  • Each member may have one active account at a time.
    a.   You must seek staff approval for a secondary account.
    b.   All secondary accounts will be locked or deleted otherwise
  • No member will aid in the access of FAZ for a banned member.
    a.     Doing so is considered ban dodging.
    b.     This means you will not post for them, sell for them, or post their art in your gallery.
    c.     If you are found to be doing so, you risk being banned or suspended.
  • No member shall attempt to scam another member in any kind of way.
    a.     Anyone found guilty of scamming will be immediately and permanently banned from the site.
  • Any member who has a problem with another member on the forum is to use the site’s built in Report Feature, rather than attempt to handle it themselves.
    a.     It is also highly recommended that you take advantage of the site’s ignore user feature.
    b.     If you feel that your report is not being evaluated quickly, you may contact a staff member through other means to have your problem looked into and resolved.
  • Harassment of other users on this site will not be tolerated.
    a.     Anyone caught consistently harassing another user of the site will be suspended and/or banned.
  • Every member is to obey the word of all Admin or Global Moderators.
    a.     Failure to comply with this rule will risk banishment from the site indefinitely.
  • No member will do anything to intentionally disrupt the use of the site by another member.
  • Spamming/Posting your gallery or thread on Furcadia is not allowed, except if someone asks for it, or it is in the normal flow of conversation.
    a.     Doing so can result in a warning, suspension, or deactivation of account.
         i.     We provide ample resources to advertise your art.
    b.     It is recommended you post a link in your description.
    c.     Spamming links gives FAZ a bad name, and is disruptive to other players. Be respecrful.
  • Thread necromancy is not allowed except in discussion areas or by a thread's OP.
    a. Any thread where no post has been made for 30 days is considered dead.
  • Bumping your thread is only allowed once every 72 hours.
        a.   Bumping is NOT considered chatting, and usually consists of things like the following: The word "bump", random images, emoticons, adding a post to indicate every update, anything else not related to a sales-related discussion going on in the thread.
  • Public black listing is prohibited, and counts as a form of harassment.
    a. If you feel the need to review somebody, please make use of our review system on the user's profile.
         i.    Falsified reviews or reviews meant as a form of revenge are prohibited.
  • In all selling/buying sections, each user is only allowed one thread.
    a.     If you have your own thread, as well as another thread by another person advertising your wares as well, it will be considered as having multiple threads and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • In selling sections, you are only allowed to sell your own art, or art you have permission to resell.
    a.     Bases are exempt from this as many bases are traced from other works.
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