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Author Topic: Art Alert Rules - MUST READ BEFORE POSTING  (Read 2512 times)

Offline Zim

«: March 16, 2010, 07:26:23 PM»
This forum is for alerting the community of art thieves, scamming commissioners, or anything else that may cause grief for the members. Things like dropped commissions and bad attitudes are not scams.
  • When posting, be sure to include as much information as possible with your alert.
    a.     Include links, screenshots, and when you have permission, whispers.
  • When an issue has been resolved, edit your topic title to have the words "RESOLVED" or "SOLVED" to indicate that there no longer needs to be posting in the thread.
    a.     A staff member will lock it for you.
  • Keep all threads on topic.
    a.     This includes comments and quips by members (especially those that are rude and insulting.)
    b.     Such posts can result in a suspension without warning.
  • Posts made must be relating to Furcadia in some way.
    a.     We do not deal with issues from other games, like Gaia, Neopets, etc.
  • Users found harassing someone else over a thread here will be suspended.
    a.     The length of time will vary by the intensity of the harassment and can be done without warning.
  • We DO NOT DELETE THREADS. All threads are kept here for informational purposes.
    a.     Do not edit your thread to delete the information. It WILL be edited back.
  • Anyone caught making a false report on another member of the community to satisfy some personal vendetta will be suspended.

Quote from: Zodiac
It is against Furcadia's TOS to repost anyone's whisper logs without permission in game or off the game. If you post whispers here without permission, it is at your own risk, and you CAN be held responsible for it in game. It is always best to ask for permission when posting logs. Further, it is always best to be HONEST when asking for permission to post these logs. Lying to get them does not make you any less a scammer then the person you are talking to, and does not make you a well mannered representative of FAZ. Personally, I do not consider this method of permission to count, and if it were up to me in game, I would hold you responsible for posting without permission.

tl;dr? If you want to present yourself as a FAZ member and post whisper logs here, do not lie about the reason. If you lied, then don't post them.
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