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Author Topic: The Gallery Rules - MUST READ  (Read 1022 times)

Offline Zim

The Gallery Rules - MUST READ
«: March 16, 2010, 07:32:57 PM»
  • Gallery Division.
    a.     The Gallery Main - For Showing off your art, and receiving comments, and price checks. No critique here.
    b.     Critique Subforum - For asking for crit.
  • Make the intent of your post clear.
  • Respect the requests of the original post.
    a.     If a person is not asking for critique, do not critique their work. If they are not asking for a redline, do not redline it.
  • Keep all posts respectful and all critique/criticism constructive.
    a.     If you see something wrong with an image, don't just point it out. Point it out, and tell them how you think it can be fixed
  • What do all these words mean?
    a.     The definitions of the words below may not be their traditional meaning. They are however, how they are intended for use on this forum, and how you are to view them on this forum.
         i.     Critique/Criticism - To review a piece of artwork, and point out good and bad qualities of the work. When bad qualities are present, constructive criticism will be used to point out how to fix the problem, and help the artist improve in the future.
         ii.     Redline - A popular method of seeking help with artwork. An artist posts their piece of work, asking for it to be redlined. Then, others who may know how to fix what is wrong with it take it to their image editing program, and use a red brush to draw on top of the image giving examples of what can be fixed. They then post the artwork back to the original poster, who learns by example.
         iii.     Pricing - As a community of possibly commissioning artists, sometimes it is hard to settle on a fair price for your work. Post the work, asking people how much they think it should be worth, and from there you can get an idea what you should charge.
         iv.     Showing Off - Got a piece of work in your gallery you are just REALLY proud of? Want to see what others think of it? Post it here. Please don't abuse this right.
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