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Author Topic: Website for the Price of a Subway Footlong  (Read 671 times)

Offline Lotto

Website for the Price of a Subway Footlong
«: March 17, 2010, 06:57:46 PM»
Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar Foot Long Website.
- -

I've been working with HTML for quite some time. However, I've just recently started learning and working with layouts and CSS. I thought I would use this opportunity to practice and earn a bit of money.

Please note that I am not some Big and Nerdy Coding Machine, hence why I am not charging much for these. I'm just starting out.


I only use webs.com. So the URL for Fart's site would be farts.webs.com
I do not draw. However I will use any art you want me to in the layout.
You do not pay me until I show you a screen-shot of your site and you are satisfied with it. I am fully aware my skills are not super at this time and will not be offended if you want me to fix something, do something else, or rather me not do it at all.
The content of the website is up to you, though I may be willing to put it in for you. I guess I'll just do that case by case.
Please do not hesitate to ask me anything. While I may not have implemented a certain thing in either one of my layouts, it's not to say I cannot do it. Heck, I may not have ever done it before but I'm willing to try. I thrive off of practice.
I would expect the most time it would take me to finish a site would be three days. However I think I can throw them out sooner.


If you are interested, the quickest way to get my attention is on Furcadia. Whisper Lotto. I may be AFK, but I'll get to you very soon.
The next best thing is to e-mail me at [email protected], though I still rather be contacted on Furcadia.

I prefer PayPal, but will take GD.
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