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Author Topic: Halp a sista out. Quality character/dream/personal sites.  (Read 992 times)

Offline Romeo

So, my faithful laptop is finally dying. I need $1200 AUD to get even a remotely decent new one. ;_; As a full time student with no transport and awkward hours of free time, getting a proper job at the moment is unlikely. So, in the pitiful hopes of getting a little closer to that lofty goal, I'm hoping to do some character (or personal, or dream-related) site commissions. Previously I've asked for less, but desperate times call for desperate measures. T____T

I'm asking for 8USD (GD really won't do me any good right now) for one. I know this might seem a little steep, but you'll be getting quality, and believe me, I'll spend a fair bit of time on it. As far as payment goes, I won't ask for the money until I've shown you a screenshot of the finished product.

For examples of character sites I've done, please click here.

Interested? Please fill out the form below!

Name: I don’t mind if you use an alias – I’d just like something to call you.
Contact: Your email, AIM, this site, Furcadia itself. Just some way I can contact you.
URL: The address of the site you’d like to use, if you already have one. If not, the username and preferred host for your site, so I can create it. I.e. Romeo @ freewebs.com.
Colour Scheme: Which colours you’d prefer I use. You can specify a few colours, or link me to a site and ask me to use a similar colour scheme.
Header Title: The title of your site.
Images: Images you want on the design. I’m not an artist, so I can’t draw your character myself. If you have references images or art you want to be used on the layout design, link me here. If you’re really stuck for images and ideas, you can give me a general theme to go by (i.e. night sky, people kissing, etc).
Anything else: i.e. music player and song.

So, please, if you're looking for a site, give me a go. I'd be really grateful~ <3

You can contact me through this site, or AIM x obsequious.

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Offline Romeo

Re: Halp a sista out. Quality character/dream/personal sites.
«Reply #1: March 18, 2010, 11:50:34 PM»
You could also post here, if you wanted. ;_;

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Re: Halp a sista out. Quality character/dream/personal sites.
«Reply #2: November 06, 2010, 09:56:23 PM»
:o I hope you're still doing these, they're gorrgeeeouuss!!

Name: Optical Illusion
Contact: Optical Illusion (furcadia) - [email protected] (email)
URL: Make a new one for me please! At webs.com
Colour Scheme: Either similar to the picture I am providing for you, or go crazy with multicolour pink, baby blue, purple, neon green, orange, yellow... etc. Up to you.
Header Title: Optical Illusion
- http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu35/Shanantinawebsite/Totalpackage-1.png
- Previous websites have used this type of scheme:

So if you want to do something similar, you can. Or if you want to keep to the colours of the picture provided, is good too. There is no preference with this.

Anything else: Music will probably be added by myself later on. :) So please try to make it an IFRAME!

Thank-you so much, I hope you still do these!