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Author Topic: Non-Remap Portraits - 15 gd (artist formally known as Alabaster Sea)  (Read 824 times)

Offline Aries

And whatever else you might like. I'm trying to scrap up some GD because... I want some alts, and also need to get spaces to port my own!

15gd =
nonremap, nonpixel portrait along the lines of the following;
they are at least 300 to 400 pixel in height and width.

Unfortunately I'm out of pixeling for the now.

If you are looking for something larger, let me know, such as character art or a website background image and we can negotiate (I also know someone that could code the website with tables and put in the links. I'm not sure about how much additional he is though.)

I promise they won't take long, and I prefer to speak to you while I do them.
Also, they can be sized down to 95x95, but please understand some loss of the images integrity may be had to such a smaller scale.

Please note; I prefer feral characters for this round/nonhuman


feel free to whisper me on  #Sh   on Furcadia.
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From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.


Offline Aries

new portrait example added
From my mind pours fourth a multitude of ideas, a well of inspiration.