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Author Topic: Caelyn needs artz!  (Read 482 times)

Offline Jadyn

Caelyn needs artz!
«: March 22, 2010, 12:04:08 AM»
Fairly new character, offering in paypal/GD. :)

She's a gryphon, more precisely... mixed between a Savannah cat and Owl.
She CAN stand on hind legs but mainly walks on all fours. Front arms are not scaled like most gryphon's, instead they look much like regular paws, furred.
Wings are large, about a twelve foot span, maybe a bit larger. Feathers are black and look to be dipped in blue paint.
Body is primarily black with blue splotches and ringlets near ankles and wrists, and of course! she is female, so there are boobs there, body is also a little longer then normal.
Face looks like the owls, the sharp, curved blue beak, large blue eyes. She also has the large ears with fluffs at the end!

Unfortunately! I have no references for use. Like I said, she's still new.. just trying to get a basis started for her! If interested, whisper Caelyn or Jadyn.


Offline Woods

Re: Caelyn needs artz!
«Reply #1: March 22, 2010, 09:00:50 AM»

hi, she sounds really interesting.
on the above link you can find my details. i would love to give it a try :)
Paypal only please.