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Author Topic: Seeking Artist for my aquatic Alt: Ianu // Paying with year panooki!  (Read 633 times)

Offline Angel the Vampire

I need a sketch or at least line art and basic color for my new alt Ianu. I'm paying with a Panooki on furcadia that expires 3-3-2011. Or if you wanna do it for free then that works too :D. Her current description is:

 Delicate locks of soft orange tumbled down the females shoulders, fin like ears peeking out, fanning back and forth. Human like figure was adorned in faint brown markings covering her delicate form. Fins sprouted from her arms, delicate fingers webbed with transparent flesh, allowing her to swim like an acrobat. Beautiful spine sprouted from neck to tailbone, only to fan out in a tail itself. Spines jutted from her shoulders, giving this lion fish an even more exotic appearance.

Humanoid body, fins on both arms, lengthy spines coming from her shoulder blade and a fin like spine down her well, spine, lengthy tail, legs webbed feet, splotches of dark brown against pale creamy skin. No, I have no ref pictures because she's my unique character after all. It would be most appreciated if someone could take up this challenge ^^. Oh! And please present a sketch first if you can in case there's any changes. If you want to message me on furcadia, just send a whisper to Ianu!