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Author Topic: (( Holly's Box Sites )) - CLOSED  (Read 962 times)


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(( Holly's Box Sites )) - CLOSED
«: March 28, 2010, 02:16:28 PM»
Desided to make a new thread, new start, new thread.
I apologize to those who have PM'd me about sites, I came back to over 6 messages. I won't be replying to them since i'm making a new start.

I am formly known as Bipolar, My new main is now Holly, any sites with "(c)Bipolar" or "(c)Holly" were created by me. I'v made alot of sites for people, so yeah.

(( Whisper Holly, or PM me, Better to whisper me though. ))

Currently: CLOSED
- Things are too hectic irl for me to make sites, as people can tell. I don't reply to Pm's that much & i'm sorry for this. I have work, class, packing because i'm moving, fitting modeling in still. So yeah, I'll open when i can.

I accept these prices below.
- £5 GBP - Paypal.
- 5GD
- 2 spaces.
They go in order of which i prefer.

- http://shbadger.webs.com
- http://bipolarr.webs.com/
- www.gryphonboy.webs.com
I can basically do anything.

One slot for now on, it will either say open or closed, so check back.

-1) Open.

Anything else?
Rip off my sites and i'll rip off your head.

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