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Author Topic: Design website art contest; Life Prize OR Paypal Prize of $50  (Read 632 times)


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Welcome to my Contest Thread
I hope you're reading this because you're inteshitrested in participating ;3

Note: Please don't post a reply in this thread. I would like to keep it clean of replies.
If you have any questions, please PM me.

As the title says, I'm hosting a website art contest. I'm currently writing a novel called
Enlightenment from The Divinity Series. I also have ideas for the books following
up on Enlightenment; Experiment 0777, Rebirth of a brother and another title I
haven't even thought of yet (ha, ha).

I'm looking for two pieces of art -- obviously like a website template without the coding
(I will add coding myself). One template is for Enlightenment and for Experiment 0777.

Note: If winner of the contest can do coding themselves, I will give the prize along with an
extra 10GD for the coding.

This site is split into two; one side is light like heaven (OMG a simile... Please, don't take this literally).
This side contains two of the novel's characters; Ayame and Sköll. The background provides a night scene
in a forest. This forest and the characters are surrounded by fireflies. These two characters are joined by 3
pups; a black, gray and white pup. For Ayame, the firefly should be on her nose, Sköll is swatting away a firefly
annoyingly, the gray pup is chasing one, the white pup is sitting on a rock looking up at a firefly and the black
one is basically having a staring contest with a firefly.

For coding reasons, I would like you to draw speech bubbles with the following words, each separate;
  • My site
  • Experiment 0777
  • Rebirth of a Brother
  • Fan Art
  • Blog

The second side contains the character, Gunnolf, a pair of blood red demon eyes and a raven. This side is
completely black except for chains crossing that side like it's keeping something locked up. (I know I suck
at describing so I'm providing a lot of refs towards the end of this thread along with the ref of the first site and
second site layout.

Additional Notes
  • You may overlap the characters over the text box, but not so much where it is difficult to code
    where the text will go.
  • You may use any font for the title as long as it is clean and eligible.
  • If you are looking to use a border, you may use any kind around the text box only and it must stick
    to the theme of enlightenment.
  • Though all characters (except the pups) are humans that can shape shift into wolves, I would like to
    see the characters on the site in their wolf forms.

The Grand Prize & Deadline
  • Life Batwings
  • 10GD if artist is able to do coding, otherwise, I will do it.

Deadline is May 10th, 2010 at 11:59PM (May 11th)

  • There is only one winner. However, you are all designing a website
    for my novel so it is required that I have full ownership of the art but you may use them as
    examples for you dAs and galleries.
  • You must hand in both pieces before the deadline or you will be disqualified.

Template 1 http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t302/HeavensSin/Layoutref.jpg
Ayame Ref (Wolf Form ONLY) http://www.ayame-yin.webs.com

Note: For descriptions, because there are no reference images of Sköll and Gunnolf,
after you send a PM telling me you're interested, I will send the full, complete, detailed descriptions
of them both.

AIM: Homgitsangiekins
Furcadia: Riael
The fastest responses are through PMs.
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