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Author Topic: Sadil's Reviews  (Read 1153 times)

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Sadil's Reviews
«: April 01, 2008, 06:33:30 AM»
These will be in random order, newest listed at the top. (The first bunch are just random from memory, not ordered chronologically)

dalia - Doesn't play Furc anymore but is still taking commissions, I believe. :) I loved her style so I PMed her and asked if she'd draw a remap port of Vibeke. Very friendly encounter, quick responses in general. She showed me a sketch and asked for changes, made a few and then asked for approval again. Once approved the port was finished in a couple of days. She was kind enough to show me the final port in Vib's colors before I sent payment. Promptly received the fsh in my inbox that same day. ^^ Lovely person to work with, very recommended. x)

Phantom - Does amazing reference sheets for relatively cheap (compared to most high-quality artists). Drew a reference sheet for my character Gurk, had no trouble making adjustments to the design. Came out exactly as I had pictured it, which was pretty awesome considering there was nothing to work off from except for a port headshot. If you're looking for feral canine/feline reference sheets, I most definitely recommend Phantom to commission.

Jadyn - AMAZING. <3 Very nice person, did a wonderful shading of a portrait I did the lineart for, very cheap price to it. I ended up paying her 10GD for it, even though she only asked for like... 3, I think? Very much worth your time and effort, especially if you have trouble coloring your portraits. ^^

Shnee - Did a portrait of my character, Black Cat. Was very, very cooperative and quick. Turned out amazing and love the port very much!!! Highly recommended for good feral art. :)

Dil - Also did a port of Black Cat. Very friendly person, gave helpful tips and was willing to show me a couple of quick sketches beforehand so I could look at feline feral examples. Was quick to finish the portrait and made sure it remapped nicely in black. Also very highly recommended, very smooth commission!!

Tachs - Unpleasant person to work with according to my experience. I made a mistake by taking on too many commissions and forgot I'd agree to do one for her. After discussing it with her and reading back to my logs, I remembered that she had indeed gifted me two scales for the sketch and asked me to do a sketch for her. I apologized and accepted the commission on top of the rest easily, but dropped it shortly after. Reason was that she was very rude to a particular person and had a very disrespectful and immature attitude about the situation. She literally said "I don't like you so you don't deserve my respect." Based on that comment and previous experience with people with such attitude, I dropped the commission and paid the scales back instantly with the message the commission was canceled. I had no interest in doing a commission for her anymore at that point.

Safiye - Omg, COMMISSION HER NAO. It's very hard to come by a realistic human port artist who's actually good with remapping, but Safiye steals the cake! I commissioned her a week or so before my birthday to draw a portrait of Sadil, and she got to work a few days after I sent the info. Was very easy to work with and showed me sketches up front. She tried hard to nail my character's bodytype down just right, which I appreciate a lot! After the character itself was done she asked me what kind of background to add. I asked of her to try a roman/greek kind of setting, and she tried to do that. It was hard though, since there was so little space left. She definitely will try to accommodate to your wishes and even provided an alternative to me as far as background went. I paid after the coloring was done and she showed a sample image. Very smooth and she made it just in time for my birthday. :)

Jonas Malakiahus - Big time commissioner to me! Very nice person who commissions me for art a lot. He has been exceptionally patient with me since my computer broke and I (at the moment of writing this still am) was without a means to finish a commission he had already paid for. (Which still isn't finished at the time of writing, naturally) Keeps great contact and only commissions me when he has the money ready. Is very civil with wanting changes and is by nature very particular about how he wants the drawing to look. Provides accurate information to make this possible. If you're willing to accommodate to his wishes, he is very pleasant to work with. Not recommended for people who dislike making many changes or have trouble drawing specific types of people.

Elohim/Mira - Nice girl!! She's very patient with me. With my computer issues I've gotten behind on drawings, but she is very understanding about it. Drew her character Mira and still need to color the lineart. She also won a contest of mine and will be getting another free drawing from me. :D

Lady Arsenic - Wonderful commission. ^^ Asked me to draw her character Lady Arsenic. I was provided with all the info I needed and good reference photos for the clothes. Very open to my suggestions to improve the drawing/character design. Was very, very happy with the end result and really made me feel like she honestly *loved* it. :)
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"No. Deep down inside, you wish you had half the confidence I have to be yourself."


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Re: Sadil's Reviews
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+ dalia
"Deep down inside, you wish you were skinny."
"No. Deep down inside, you wish you had half the confidence I have to be yourself."