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Author Topic: Seeking Feral Dream Artist  (Read 598 times)

Offline Spaz

Seeking Feral Dream Artist
«: April 12, 2010, 11:29:30 PM»
I am currently working on a Wildlife dream based on wolves as well as a couple of other species.

I need an extreme artist who is willing to put forth the effort and make this dream happen.

What I'm Looking For:

1. Custom Walkabouts (or Avatars as most call them)
Upon email you will get detailed information on what i want

2. Custom Portrait Art matching the avatars.

3. Custom Skin

4. Advice on Dragon Speech

5. Custom Enviroment (Trees, grasses, water, ect)

What I'm Offering:
EVERYTHING below is included.

1. I have $200 to blow and its all going towards this dream. I would LIKE to find just ONE artist, but I may have to settle for a couple of different artists based on skill. So, please keep this in mind. Now, if you can do everything i want, let me know asap so I don't agree with any other artist. If you are good at one thing I'm looking for, email me with the information. (Pay is subject to change depending on how many artists I hire, please keep this in mind, and i will keep you updated on any changes.)

2. ONE year of Silver Sponsorship + any digo of your choice WITH LIMITATIONS. See below
Wings - Two 2 year wings of your choice
Avatars - Three 1 year of your choice.
Dragon - One 2 year or lower.
Gryffe - One 2 year or lower.
Kirin - 1 year
Kitterwing - One 2 year or lower.
Naga - 1 year
Pheonix - One 2 year or lower.
Unicorn - One 2 year or lower.
Portrait Space - Up to 6.
Ferian - 1 For Life of your choice.
(If you would rather have GDS let me know. Also, if you want to mix and match any of the above listed, let me know and we'll work it out.)

The reason i have not posted any life digos is soley because i will not tolerate them being resold. Expiring digos, go right ahead if it brightens your day.

3. You will automatically receive the rank of "Assistant Dream Owner" and "Dream Artist" in the dream. (ONLY if you want to be a part of the dream.) Email me for more details on ranks

4. If the dream makes any sort of profit it will be shared between you and the dream.(ONLY if you are a part of the dream) UNLESS its donations. Donations will be put directly towards the dream.

Yes...there are rules

1. Artwork is to be custom. I WILL NOT tolerate redo's of past art.

2. Artwork is to be by you and ONLY you..unless you are teamed with someone. (For example, you do line art and they color for you) this is allowed, but only after i have solid proof that both will remain dedicated to the work, none of this "Oh i got the line art done but my partner went out of town for a month" you will be fired.

3. The dream MUST be up and running with all bugs snuffed out before you get full pay. End of story. (Upon email we will work out a half and half deal so you dont think im scamming you)

4. The artwork is to NEVER be used by anyone else. I dont tolerate paying for something others will use.

5. You MUST provide me with PLENTY of examples of your work before i consider you.

6. I understand that this could take a while, BUT you must be consistant. I understand RL problems, but if i go a month without any work, you will be fired.

7. I reserve the right to deni your work. Since you'll be providing me with plenty of examples of your work, this should not happen.

8. You MUST have paypal unless you want full pay in GDS. We will work out what your full pay will be when the art is finished. I WILL NOT negotiate this any further.

More details upon emailing.

Regardless of whether you'd like to be a part of the dream or not, your name will be recognized on the website and in the dragon speak.

Please email me if you're interested. :)

EDIT - I will be taking EMAILS ONLY. So please contact me at [email protected]
Thanks. :)
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