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Author Topic: Price me please! :D (pretty thumbnail heavy)  (Read 768 times)

Offline Licorice

Price me please! :D (pretty thumbnail heavy)
«: April 21, 2010, 07:29:51 PM»
I'm not really from around here ( I haven't been on Furcadia in forever either ) but I finally got a paypal account and would love to start taking commissions. :D Only problem is I have no idea what my stuff is worth...

I'm pretty varied in moth style and subject, so I'll post quite a few examples. I specialize mostly in Feral canines and humans, but I'm pretty open to anything. Some examples might be a bit old, but I'm pretty confident that recent pictures would be as good or better than the old ones.

On with examples....

Flat colored canine sketch

Flat color canine ref (Pen tool/clean lines)

Colored and shaded canine


Flat colored human sketch (these would normally have a simple bg and be a bit neater... i was in a rush to get an example)

Shaded human profile with lines

Shaded human bust w/o lines

I draw men too but I hardly have any great examples... 'fraid this would be my only one


Furc Ports
I haven't done any animated ports since i rarely visit furc anymore and im all outta date, but here's some older examples of my ports.

And that's about it... You can price one type(each caption indicates a different option) or price them all, anything helps :D
I just dont want to over/underprice them and asking the public seems to be the best way to find out. If you want to check out my deviantart too, http://licorize.deviantart.com/ is the link (though its a photography dump right now.. ^^; )
Thank you guys so much! :)


Offline Rex T-Rex

Re: Price me please! :D (pretty thumbnail heavy)
«Reply #1: April 21, 2010, 07:36:26 PM»
Your non port work I'd give about $10. As for the ports, I'd say around 5 gd, except for these two.

These you could easily sell for 10-15.
You have great potential, but your anatomy and proportions need some work. I suggest studying photographs and practicing copying the photograph (not tracing) so you can train your hands and eyes to remember how the anatomy of your subjects works.
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