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Author Topic: Unresolved.. again: Warning; Art not received: Vango/Vin/Raniko  (Read 2096 times)

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Over two years ago I comissioned Vin/Vango/Raniko for a piece of art of two of my characters, Cemetery and Cole.  She DID finish the line art, but I paid for a full colored piece.  She also asked if she could get some money from me (I believe it was for a driver's test of some sort? it is mentioned in the second set of logs, which i explain later) in exchange for more art, and I figured since she finished the lineart so quickly it would be OK.

Later on she claimed that her tablet was stolen so she wouldn't be able to finish it for a while.  I waited, but even once she had a tablet available she did not finish the lineart and instead said she'd rather restart it since so much time had gone by.  Fine.

I inquired about the art a few times, and she grew angry and snapped at me, so I backed off for a few weeks, but when I heard nothing back from her inquired yet again, asking if a refund would be more convenient, since she was too busy to finish/restart the lineart.

Here are the logs, taken from AIM-- I checked with a moderator and she informs me that she believes AIM logs aren't against the rules, only whispers.  Admittedly I do NOT have permission to post this, so if this IS against the rules, feel free to remove it:

Timestamps editted out, but everything else is intact.  This was on Friday, September 04, 2009:

Z0mbielicious:   Hey.  You seem busy, but I've been waiting for my comission for a long time-- which, you know.. since you've been busy and whatnot, is fine, but maybe it would be better for both of us if you just refunded me, so that I could find someone else to do it?
Therapriest:   Who are you?
Z0mbielicious:   .. um
Z0mbielicious:   Simone
Therapriest:   Why do you bother me about art every time you see me?
Therapriest:   Why don't you say hi? How are you? Are you okay?
Z0mbielicious:   o_o
Therapriest:   And find out what's going on?
Z0mbielicious:   I don't bother you that much
Z0mbielicious:   considering it's been a year.
Therapriest:   Well, I like conversation. I'm a person, not a pencil.
Z0mbielicious:   Yeah.  I realize that.
Z0mbielicious):   But you haven't been that nice to me in the past.
Z0mbielicious:   I don't want to start drama.
Therapriest:   Because this is all you ask me when you see me.
Z0mbielicious:   Please, just refund me so we can go our separate ways.
Z0mbielicious:   I used to talk to you.
Therapriest:   I'm not starting drama with you. x_x I just want you to understand and maybe be more friendly with me.
Therapriest:   Try to forget I owe you art or money and let me finish it when I can. My tablet was stolen, I can't draw at all. I have no money to return to you.
Z0mbielicious:   Just... okay, I'll try to be more friendly.  I didn't realize it bothered you.
Therapriest:   Well, it does when everyone does it. ._.; I have no friends I actually talk to, you know.
Therapriest:   All I get is whispers or IMs about my art or something not related to me.

*the topic then steers off into unrelated things, so is not worth posting*

I contacted her again on Sunday, November 08, 2009.  I tried a more adamant approach, since I felt I was waaay too lenient the other times I asked her.  These logs are kind of long, so I will send them in PM upon request.  To summarize, I told her that I had been more than patient but she had 2 weeks to finish it or refund me.  She told me she didn't have a job, said she would finish it..  we figured out how much she owed, etc etc.

Nothing ever came of that. It's now April '10, and I doubt she'll ever finish/start my art, or refund me.. I'd also like to note that her comissions have been open and she has finished other people's art, but for some reason has not done mine.  A few of my friends also said they have had problems with her in the past, but I cannot confirm that for sure.  I do have more logs of the initial agreements and whatnot, however they will take quite a bit of digging to find since they were saved 2+ years ago.  I do still have it in my paypal history, though, if anyone wants to see that.

I don't really think I'm going to get my art, and I understand that a lot of it is my fault for being so lenient--   I don't care if I get my money back, because I should have gotten a refund from paypal much sooner.  Lesson learned, so let this serve as a warning if nothing else.
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Re: Warning; Art not received: Vango/Vin/Raniko
«Reply #1: April 22, 2010, 04:26:30 AM»
I was going to commission Vango last year as well.
It was a waiting slot, so I expected to wait a little while, which was fine by me - but when I tried contacting them a month, then two, later, I never received any reply.
At first, I was willing to think they were just busy, AFK, or something but every time?

I went back to check and see if the commission thread had been updated in the event something bad happened, but the only one I've been able to find is completely different. They were looking for commissions for animated ports, with no trace of the previous thread or people waiting on commissions.

Granted, I hadn't paid for anything, but the fact everything seems to have been dropped without so much as a word or response is a little upsetting. I don't know if this was pointless to post or if it'll help, but I figured I'd mention something as well seeing as it looks like I'm not the only one to have problems.

Offline Cemetery

Re: Warning; Art not received: Vango/Vin/Raniko
«Reply #2: April 22, 2010, 05:42:41 AM»
Any input is good, thank you.  I think it's worth noting that a lot of people HAVE successfully commissioned this artist without any problems whatsoever-- but it also does not seem like you or I are the first ones to have complaints.

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Re: Warning; Art not received: Vango/Vin/Raniko
«Reply #3: April 22, 2010, 04:27:32 PM»
forgive me for having a life and not being 100% attached to furc nowadays, but if you want me to refund you for your undrawn commissions, seeing as i no longer draw commissions, all you have to do is send me an email or pm. that goes for everyone i owe money to.

i don't have a cent to pay you right this second, but i'll figure something out. if i'm lucky, we can reach some kind of compromise that doesn't fully involve money. don't worry, i've been looking for a job pretty extensively lately and i -will- have the money eventually.


-vin. (vin sounds kinda like a male name, doesn't it. i wonder why people keep calling me a she.)
Yo, I'm looking for a mongoose who owes me 5 bucks. If you see him, let me know. He has a cheap-ass skateboard.

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Re: Warning; Art not received: Vango/Vin/Raniko
«Reply #4: April 22, 2010, 04:33:14 PM»
"Having a life" does not excuse you from making someone wait TWO YEARS for a commission, especially when you did other people's art in the meantime.

Thank you for posting this warning, Cem.

Offline Cemetery

Re: Warning; Art not received: Vango/Vin/Raniko
«Reply #5: April 22, 2010, 11:03:59 PM»
I suppose this is resolved-- I can only hope that Vango comes through on his word, since this isn't the first time I've asked for a refund.   This can be locked for now!

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Re: Unresolved.. again: Warning; Art not received: Vango/Vin/Raniko
«Reply #6: October 04, 2010, 12:06:47 AM»
Just updating to say that I still haven't received the art in question even after talking with Vango, so the warning stands.  That's all.


Re: Unresolved.. again: Warning; Art not received: Vango/Vin/Raniko
«Reply #7: December 26, 2010, 05:14:04 PM»
Due to a case of ~gravediggin~ and irrelevant information being posted, mamAdaleine is going to lock this thread. If anyone needs to add anything to this thread, just PM me, and I'll add it (as long as it revolves around the topic at hand, thanks!).