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Author Topic: Feral Port Artist  (Read 1048 times)

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Feral Port Artist
«: April 25, 2010, 03:24:51 PM»
Status: Open

  - sketch is made and shown (digital or traditional)
  - if you like the sketch, the port is finished and uploaded
  - payment is fully expected now before anything else; after you see the sketch is perfectly fine too
  - port will be e-mailed

  - excuse yourself without good reason/within the week the port is finished = blacklisted
  - form of payment should be agreed on BEFORE I start the sketching process (with the exception of premade sketches)
  - payment should be what we agreed on to begin with unless rediscussed
  - having the agreed payment within your inventory is highly suggested
  - I can deny you for any reason I like
  - prices will change when I please

Means of payment:
  - PayPal
  - dragonscales
  - portspaces
  - digos
  - alts and art (preferably not unless stated otherwise)
  - Nexon Cash
  - etc.

Currect Price: 7GD

  -from most recent to oldest so you get a good idea of my progress

(Sorry they're mostly all the same colour, I didn't have the codes for them all)

Contacts: (from fastest to slowest)
Furcadia: Peep / Vixey
dA: http://Parkade.deviantart.com
FAM: Parkade
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Re: Feral Port Artist - FULL
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I see my Moondog. :D

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Re: Feral Port Artist
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Re: Feral Port Artist
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Re: Feral Port Artist
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Re: Feral Port Artist
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