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Author Topic: A few small/simple pieces of a male minotaur--paying in GD  (Read 555 times)

Offline Heimdall

Hello artists! I have a new character who I'm looking to get some shiny arts for. He's a beefy male minotaur--strong and well-muscled, but with a good bit of flab on his chest and gut, covering up most of the definition there. He has ram horns instead of normal steer horns, and a mane of limp, long hair. Here's his character sheet (it's really concise): http://skuldhellir.forumotion.com/character-info-f2/zazeal-smokestep-t77.htm

However, the "usual attire" in his character sheet isn't up to date. I actually have no idea what he should wear, other than something a rich person would.

So here's what I'm looking for:
-Someone(s) who will work for 5-8ish GD
-Full body or waist-up character art
-Lineart or color (color is preferred)
-No srsbiz big paintings--I can't afford that. Maybe simple or cartoony/stylized stuff.
-Someone willing to help me design clothes for him--they can be rough sketches.

PMing me is best!

Here's the ref I did for him, and then a bust sketch my friend Ed did for me:

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