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Author Topic: FvW: Buy art win Digos!  (Read 554 times)

Offline Aubrey The Cat

FvW: Buy art win Digos!
«: May 02, 2010, 06:00:27 PM»
Hello everyone! I have come to know that furcadia has fun haveing their monthly polls where
the pepole who want to enter have to pay money just to get a little desc tag, but wait theres
more! They give away Digos to the person they draw out of their bin! Now how would you like
to pay less and get more? Huh? Well how about a foxen or wolven for a year, even FOR LIFE!
I'm looking for those pepole who want pictures for 1GD and plus on top of that they get a raffle
ticket to win prizes! How cool is that! And if we reach over 50 tickets sold then, WE GIVE OUT
LIFERS! :> Now what kind of Digos you ask, well let me tell you! You get ether a foxen or a wolven!
Kinda cheep you say? Well then we have port prizes plus more art on top of that!!! Hows that
for a great deal!?

Voteing for the fast and clever, Foxen are loved all around furcadia! We love them so much that
they are faceing up against wolven! Their ticket you ask? Well infact its just 1GD! Do you want a
year of foxen you pay 1GD for! Try it out? Yes certainly!
You may not win the foxen so please don't get mad if wolvens win, you still will get stuff.

Fox tickets sold:

Do you like chaseing after them little kiwis, hanging in dog pounds, hurting little kittys? Then the
wolven vote is right for you! Buy this little guy and you will have tons of fun! Want to be a wolf
for a year!? or FOR LIFE? then votevotevote buybuybuy!
You may not win, but you will still get extra stuff.

Wolf Tickets Sold:

Total Tickets sold: 0 (60 more till goal)

What you get just for entering:
You get a chibi pic, and then the winners will get a fural pic and the losers will get more chibi pics!

Chibi Pic:

I pull 7 tickets out of the stack of winners and their prizes are:
1. Gets 1 year Digo ( or For life) A detailed pic, and a nonrevampable port
2. A nonrevampable port and a A detailed pic
3. A detailed pic or nonrevampable port
4. A detailed pic
5. A nonrevampable port
6. another feral image and a chibi image
7. Chibi or feral image

I may add more prizes if we get past our goals!

How to get a hold of me:
You can whisper Sammi the Cat, Aubrey the Cat, or Shade of the Nocturnus on Furcadia
I have A FAM its AubreyTheCat
I have A Furspace its AubreyTheCat
I have a E-mail its [email protected]
I have a Deviantart But its hard to contact me their Its AzulKitty
I have a Youtube but im not on much its Sonacatfox
I have a Gaiaonline its Aubrey-Shazoro
Or you can PM me on here
Or just reply I check

Who do I give the GD to:
Im storeing it on my Alt Shade of the Nocturnus so it doesn't get mixed up with my personal GD

When buying your ticket give me your furcadia name!

Thanks for visiting!
Aubrey Bowen,
Sammi The Cat,
Shade of the Nocturns.