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Author Topic: Can I get some redline assistance? :) +tips?  (Read 2926 times)

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Can I get some redline assistance? :) +tips?
«: May 03, 2010, 07:06:51 PM»
This is a project I'm working on.  It's a hybrid-of-all-sortsa-creatures, but I wanted to ask if the body was proportioned right or if I should make any changes in the anatomy.  The back legs seem sort of squigly, but you guys should see the way I normally have sitting backlegs.  Kinda sucks <.<

Also, I'm slowly trying to work on making my wings more realistic.  I rushed the top part and still don't think I drew it quite right.  I dunno if I have the back wing set up right either.

Thanks for any help  :)

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Re: Can I get some redline assistance? :) +tips?
«Reply #1: May 12, 2010, 01:32:17 PM»
the legs are pretty dramatically anatomically incorrect. he seems to have a horse's legs, and the obvious question you should be asking yourself is, does a horse sit? well the answer to that is "not naturally". people have trained their horses to recline into a sitting position you might expect a dog to, but i don't really think that's incredibly comfortable for them. and even if it was, well, you got it wrong.

looks something like this:

the natural resting positions of a horse.
i'm not an expert on horses, but i hear they do most of their resting on their hooves, and even sleep standing up. laying down is a novelty thing to them, and probably somewhat uncomfortable because if they do it for too long, they'll crush a number of vital body organs under their own weight.

as for the wings:
a bird's wing is basically like a fan. it can fold in, it can stretch out, it can be angled up or down, but it doesn't naturally just bend over like that.
larger birds' wings might do something like this:
but as you can see, it still doesn't fold over like a piece of soggy paper.

there are some other general anatomy flaws regarding the width of various areas, where the shoulder connects, and really i think bone structure in general. might be worth devising a skeletal model before having another go at this.