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Author Topic: Descriptions, oh my.  (Read 960 times)

Offline Zalika

Descriptions, oh my.
«: April 02, 2008, 07:59:56 PM»
Descriptions is my game.

All descriptions are © by me and their characters. Do not steal thank you.

Amongst her friends she was the runt. She tried so hard to fit in and take on the role of the punk princess. She clung to the lastest fashion that everyone was wearing. Most of all she held the attitude of ' I don't give a shit'. Her hair was short and choppy. Face holding a pair of green eyes showing no emotion. Eyebrow piercing, three ear piercings in each ear, and an belly button. A striped halter top and arm length fishnet gloves, she wore. While sitting and chatting with her friends her expression seemed happy but under, she bore the scars of failed sucide attempts. Jet black wings protruded from her back where the tramp stamp laid hiddened at the rim backside. Adorn her thick hips was a belt with her favorite golden chain draping over her right thigh. She may seem mellow, outgoing but in all truth, <name> vacationed in hell.

Her crimson curlish locks was done up into a long pony tail, her bangs across her right eye. Her light brown skin held not a flaw but only on her right scarred cheek. Beautiful Jade Chinese silk brocade corset with pretty lace trims hugged at her thick form; the steel boned corset had a busk front and back lacing. Her skirt stopped just about the knee, its velve braided split gave a view of her plump thigh and the nice lighten skin under. Traveling down her legs she wore a pair of ebony stilettos with her toes painted Jade matching her nails and make-up. <This one kind of wasn't finished but I liked it.>
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Offline Morgan

Re: Descriptions, Away messages, and Away descriptions, Oh my.
«Reply #1: April 02, 2008, 08:23:30 PM»
a lot of those descriptions have a lot of sentence fragments, misspellings, and bad grammar in them.

and even the rest.

"descriptions is my game?"

i don't think you're exactly fit to sell this.
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Offline Hugo

Re: Descriptions, Away messages, and Away descriptions, Oh my.
«Reply #2: April 02, 2008, 08:57:26 PM»
Given the quality of a lot of descs on furc (as seen in the lololol desc thread), I think this person could get a lot of sales.

Good luck, dude!