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Author Topic: :::\\...Site Template Contest...//:::  (Read 737 times)


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:::\\...Site Template Contest...//:::
«: May 04, 2010, 01:40:52 PM»
Welcome to the Design-A-Template Contest!

Contest Ends: May 18, 2010.

For the Grand Prize of a Life Unicorn (or GD if I sell the unicorn in time!)
or a Life Triwings, design me a site template!

Second Place entries will be given a Month of Woolie as a thank you!

Third Place entries will be given their choice of an alt of mine, as featured on FAM, as a thank you.

  All you have to do is design me a site template that is compatible with Freewebs, with my character, Loveheart, as a subject.


♥-- All templates must be able to be used on Freewebs.
♥-- After the contest has ended, if I did not choose your design, you may use and alter it -- so long as my character's image/name is removed! I also reserve the right to cancel the contest if none of the entries suit my taste, or if there aren't enough. I am looking for quality. You will be earning the lifer.
♥-- You will be designing the template, not writing out information on the site. I don't want to place that burden on the artists!
♥-- NO ANIMU. Please, please. Stylized is fine, and I don't mind if there's a well-done chibi in there.
♥-- Navigation must be user-friendly, and text/images clear, with no sloppy design.
♥-- Everything else is up to you! It is a contest, after all.
♥-- My character can change colors! Use whatever colors will look artistic and fit with the design. Just nothing too extravagant or dull.
♥-- I will post colors as a reference, if you choose to use her common ones.

♥-- Pages needed: Home, Bio, History, OoC.
♥-- Themes: Gambling, night, romance, partying, flirting, flying.

Character Information

(In a nutshell. Just included a few things that'd make doing art and a site easier!)
Reference: WARNING. Adult Content.
Name: Loveheart
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon/Phoenix/Human Anthro

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 (roughly, not including wings)
Structure: Curvy, a few extra pounds. Toned.

Hair: Waist-length, wavy, usually amethyst in color.
Skin: Human, lilly-white -- almost unnatural.
Eyes: Golden.
Scales: Magenta.
Feathers: White, tinged with gold.
Wings: Some scales on, feathery.
Ears: Large, pointed. On either side there is a tuft of feathers protruding from her head, like tiny wings.
Tail: Long, whip-like, spade is heart-shaped and covered in feathers.
Claws: Black
Feet: Draconian

Clothing: None, but if you insist, something very elegant and flirty.

Personality: Flirtatious, outgoing, strong-willed, prone to temptation. Often invades personal space. Naive. Fun-loving. Light-hearted. Loyal.

Habits/Interests: Drinking, gambling, smoking the Mary Jane, traveling, eating sweets, playing the harp,
Likes: Beauty in nature, all kinds of creatures, exploring, music, night, exotic flowers, lust, love.

Favorite Colors: White, magenta, purple, gold.

Contact Me

♥-- PM
♥-- On Furcadia as Desdemona or Loveheart
♥-- E-mail; [email protected]
♥-- AIM; WickedllLovely


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Re: :::\\...Site Template Contest...//:::
«Reply #1: May 06, 2010, 11:01:14 AM»
Feel free to post here to enter. :3

Offline Juliet

Re: :::\\...Site Template Contest...//:::
«Reply #2: May 09, 2010, 09:01:53 AM»
i'll enter