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Author Topic: Design-an-NPC contest! -- WINNERS POSTED  (Read 1395 times)

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Design-an-NPC contest! -- WINNERS POSTED
«: May 04, 2010, 10:00:06 PM»
Sorry for the small delay in judging--our prize-doer was whisked off on a surprise aunt-visiting trip. But he's back now and we're all ready to go.

First of all, thanks to everyone for a really awesome contest! All our entries were fantastic, and it was really difficult to narrow it down. So without further ado, here are the winners:

First: Sirum Hest's Waza Kaminago (a spontaneous shapechanging young mageling)
Second: Sneeuw's Donton (a hypochondriac ferret)
Third: Calib's Mathias (an older raven who appears at night to tell stories) AND Matt's Leopold (a nostalgic old lion warrior who pines for his younger battle-days)

We couldn't settle on just one third-prize winner, so Ed has graciously agreed to do two third prizes. We may even do consolation prizes... not sure yet!

Thanks again to everyone, and I hope you'll all take part in our next contest too!

Skuldhellir's Design-a-NPC Contest

My name is Heimdall, and I'm one of Skuldhellir's mediators. Skuldhellir is a new roleplaying setting located in the Imaginarium, though we're still not fully public. It's a rough frontier town that was built ten years ago by a group of dwarves. The town is home to a rich variety of people, all trying to eke out a living. Some fight the gnolls and orcs in the plains, others humbly mine iron, and still others study the strange magical substances being unearthed. Some are here for the town's colorful history, and others are just trying to sell their wares. Some are rich, others poor; some are dwarves, others furres; some are cruel, others kind. The dream is full of NPCs to help immerse the players, but we're looking for a few more!

That's right, I want you lovely people to design some NPCs for me! These NPCs are no ordinary NPCs, either--they're the dynamic ones that change depending on current events in the dream. They're like the next generation of NPCs! We currently have only five. Getting a few more would help enrich the dream--especially if the players help to imagine them!

What you can win:
  • First Place: Your NPC becomes official, you'll score some nice art, and you'll be talked about all over town!
  • Second Place: Your NPC becomes official, and you'll get some art too.
  • Third Place: Your NPC becomes official, and you'll also get some art, though it'll be a bit less detailed.

    More about prizes:
  • Your NPC becoming official means they'll be turned into an object and put into the dream, wherein they become our intellectual playthings--though you'll be credited for their original creation!
  • Being talked about in town means that all of the dynamic NPCs will talk about your character, ICly, for about a week. That doesn't mean they'll all have nice things to say, of course--it depends on their personalities.
  • All the art is by our very own Edward. Winning first or second place will get a cute picture of your character with any one of Skuldhellir's NPCs, doing almost anything you wish! Examples (though these will all have backgrounds and two characters): 1 2 3 4 Third place gets the same thing, but more sketchy/scribbly. Examples: 1 2 3 4
  • Keep in mind that if you win, you need a character that's at least somewhat appropriate for the setting. It isn't hard--anything fantasy-medieval is generally fine! :3

Some basic rules and such:
  • You're free to submit no more than five NPCs, but you can only win once.
  • To submit an entry, PM or e-mail it to Heimdall. Please do not whisper entries.
  • Feel free to come visit the dream to get ideas! furc://skuldhellir:wip/
  • You don't need to be a part of the dream to join and win the contest, but we hope you'll come check it out. :3
  • The three winning NPCs will be turned into items and placed in the dream--we take responsibility for them after that.
  • We may need to tweak them a little bit from your original design.
  • Please no old characters of yours, characters from books, etc. There's no way to always know, so we're just asking for your honesty here.
  • Nothing too terribly outlandish or powerful, please--you're free to ask me if you think there may be a problem.

Fill out this form for each NPC you create:
  • Name: (For our reference.)
  • Gender: (Male or female? Or even something else.)
  • Age: (A child, an elder, or anything in between!)
  • Species: (Not a Furcadia avatar, but what is their actual species? This can be almost anything, but common fantasy creatures, anthros, hyoomans, and dwarves are best!)
  • Occupation/Location: (Where are they in the dream and what do they do?)
  • Appearance: (What do they look like? What do they wear? If you have a suggestion for the walkabout and colors to use for the NPC item, feel free to suggest them. But do keep in mind that they're being turned into an object, so keep it relatively simple.)
  • Personality: (How do they generally act and respond to things?)
  • For optional bonus points, draw a picture and/or write some bits of dialogue to help us better envision your NPC.

  • Gilex's Geidar McNobeard
  • Calib's Byrillanna
  • Calib's Kithrin
  • Calib's Mathias
  • Tutti Frutti's Sanimore
  • Matt's Leopold
  • Matt's Ryker
  • Asi's Riane Ay'Fuil
  • Asi's Valkyrie Wulf
  • Asi's Nite Siuil
  • Sirum Hest's Waza Kaminago
  • Sirum Hest's Khrahk R'jax
  • Pulchra's Sieglinde
  • Rake's Saerima
  • Ferabird's Unnamed
  • Sneeuw's Brunnhilda
  • Sneeuw's Svette
  • Sneeuw's Sanders
  • Sneeuw's Donton
  • Sneeuw's Bjollok
  • Ghost Writer's Slim Harold
  • Samuru's Marsh Witch

The contest ends on June 1st! Please get all entries in by then. :)

If you need to contact me to submit an entry or anything else, you can whisper me on Heimdall, PM me, or e-mail me at vorpalmuse AT gmail DOT com! (Though please don't whisper entries to me.)

Thanks for checking this out!
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Re: Design-an-NPC contest!
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  * cracks knuckles, downs coffee and gets started*

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Re: Design-an-NPC contest!
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  * cracks knuckles, downs coffee and gets started*

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Re: Design-an-NPC contest!
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*skips in with flowers and characters :D *

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Re: Design-an-NPC contest!
«Reply #4: May 31, 2010, 12:19:08 PM»
One more day! If you guys get your entries in today or tomorrow before midnight, you still have a chance to win faboo prizes!