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Author Topic: Descs - $1 or 1 GD - Lots of Samples  (Read 1227 times)

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Descs - $1 or 1 GD - Lots of Samples
«: May 05, 2010, 11:22:17 PM»
Slender creature was far too beautiful to ever be mistaken as anything other than female. Pale skin, drapped in a dark silken cloth, was hardly marred by aquamarine scales at regular intervals; rather, they seemed to further enhance the mystery which surrounded her. Delicately pointed ears strongly suggested elven heritage, yet scales and matching tresses, along with fins and undeniably aquatic tail, hinted at something more. Even more unusual was the small clay jar of crystal clear water kept close at hand with an almost loving touch. Bright yellow eyes sparkled with possible mischief while a faint smile graced her lips. There was no telling what was one this exotic beauty's mind, however; best approach her to find out.

Male bore a mostly humanoid appearance, though this made him no less sinister. Toned form and facial features were both quite attractive, as was curtain of hair reaching nearly to lower back. Pointed ears bearing a silver hoop each and dual set of impressive, obsidian horns protruded from somewhere within the sheen of black. These were far from the only signs of demonic heritage, however. Massive pair of wings sprouted from back, as did matching tail with stereotypical spade. The latter was found just above a loincloth of crimson, silken variety, the only thing keeping him decent. Eyes were of an eerie silvery blue coloration with feline-reminiscent pupils, runes of matching hue circling biceps. Add to that furred legs and cloven hooves, and the immortal creature made quite the intimidating sight.

Chilling pale green gaze and other reptilian attributes merged seamlessly with an otherwise human appearance, androgynous as he may have seemed. Scales of geometric design and mainly earthen coloration marked fairly pale flesh at the extremeties and on his face, perhaps most noticeably in the form of two small horns accenting an otherwise unobtrusive nose. Male's dentition seemed normal enough, aside from massive pair of hinged and venomous fangs typically tucked away. Slender points of ears and tapered claws further hinted at his ectothermic heritage, as did mid-length tail. The half-breed dressed fairly simply, perhaps in an attempt to offset stares drawn by his morphology; button-up bordering on pale blue and violet both was paired with dark trousers and shoes. Only the slender steel band about his throat was worth further mention.

Canid was downright diminutive at under five feet, though mischief was typically abundant enough to account for about five of his size. Fairly short pelt revealed an odd mixture of faint reddish gold and scattered silver, the latter mirrored in the sharp, sly pools of his eyes, as well. Clothing had clearly been chosen for function over fashion, basic gray cloth top paired with loose and faintly frayed trousers in an equally subdued, earthen tone. Really, the only thing about him that prompted a second glance tended to be the bold, fiery hues of his rarely combed locks, trimmed short enough to preferably avoid further attention. Nimble paws were left bare for easy scampering around much larger creatures, pint-sized dagger often close at hand.

This kitten really had claws. Unusual pale blue pelt clung to her moderately tall and slightly curved form, marked by dark stripes along her spine and upper limbs. Silver gaze was often cool and dismissive of others, a hint of wildfire occasionally sparking in its depths; impressive sabres distending otherwise feminine features further hinted at less cultured tendencies. Obsidian horns curling 'round ears from matching dark locks more definitively suggested draconic bloodlines, as did miniature wings most often tucked against her back. Femme's attire was utterly basic in the form of crude top and loincloth, while the steel collar about her throat made the reasons for such a simple outfit quite clear.

Large wings slightly spread, an impressive creature made itself known to whatever room it entered. From head to broad chest, the large, proud male bore the features of the most fierce of golden eagles; yet beyond that, leonine appearance marked the 6'7" creature a gryphon of purest bloodlines. Feathers littered the upper half of the Dom, dark earthen hue with some scatterings of light coloration. Soft, shiny pelt of tawny tone claimed much of his lower body, giving way to powerful legs and deadly sharp claws. Tufted tail had a tendency to betray his emotions, as did rounded ears. Yet which was more frightening, the male's sharp golden-brown gaze, or the way sharp talons closed around the handle of his heavy bullwhip?

The head of the brutish, unappealing male must have brushed most ceilings, as height soared to nearly nine feet. Appearance seemed mostly humanoid, though with several key differences. Tough flesh was of a sickly, grayish hue and seemed to bear quite the impressive collection of scattered scarring, contrasted by dull yellow eyes in a face often contorted by grimace or snarl. Muscles appeared present in abundance; crude loincloth left little to the imagination, held in place by rawhide belt which carried varying accessories. Other attire consisted mainly of fairly minimal metal armor and leather boots. Most impressive, however, were massive horns curling from beyond helm to come to gleaming, deadly points, unless one of several preferred weapons was close at hand.

Dark eyes were quite unusual, adding a further sense of the ethereal amidst strikingly beautiful features. Hair, darker still, shaded a quite handsome face when nimble fingers were not brushing it delicately and impatiently aside. His clothing seemed basic at first glance but fitted to an exceptional degree. Loose silken button-up offered a glimpse of the pale flesh beyond his throat, while dark pants clung somewhat in only the most complimentary of places. He seemed the quiet sort, engimatic yet self-assured; and were it not for the occasional glimpse of chilling, preternatural fangs, most might only have seen him as mere human. Altogether, this made hunting for business and pleasure alike almost effortless.

Smoothed-back silver locks and lupine yellow gaze suggested this tanned human was more than mere mortal. Aforementioned hair was also quite unusual, given an otherwise youthful visage and toned form. Expression was often one of cool indifference, aside from occasional fits of fickle emotion. Moderately muscular body was outfitted in custom-tailored attire. White cloth top bore ruffles and voluminous sleeves reminiscent of earlier centuries, while dark trousers accented his other attributes before feet clad in gleaming leather. Black 'n indigo cloak was somewhat commonly worn as well, its clasp accented with amethyst, while belt's fixture made noble status quite clear. Only other noteworthy details were possibly the heavy coin pouch tucked beneath said belt and oft-fingered ornate dagger.

$1.00 Paypal or 1 GD for one desc.
$2.00 Paypal or 2 GD for three descs.

Payment to be made upon completion of desc.
Tips are, of course, gratefully accepted and appreciated!
Currently prefer Paypal, but will accept Dragonscales.
Portraits, Digos, and art may also be accepted as payment.

Generally, I can get started on the desc right away. It typically takes me no more than 15 minutes or so, though rest assured my speediness doesn't mean I'm putting any less into the descs I write. I generally make around 3 drafts of the desc, offering each of them to you so you can let me know if there are any changes that need to be made that aren't strictly aesthetic. Once I'm satisfied, I'll give you the final draft, and you can send the money to me via Paypal using the email address listed below. If you're paying with Dragonscales, I'll summon you or join you for secure trading for the payment.

Whisper at Sylvain or Nar Azhdrâ.
E-mail at BrynnTG at gmail dot com.
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Re: Descs - 1 GD - Lots of Samples
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Back in business.

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Re: Descs - $1 - Lots of Samples
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Taking commissions again.

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Re: Descs - $1 or 1 GD - Lots of Samples
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Open to commissions again~