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Author Topic: Interest in a Watership Down Project?  (Read 963 times)

Offline Rabbit

Interest in a Watership Down Project?
«: May 06, 2010, 09:09:26 PM»
I'm sure this idea isn't original, but that definitely doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun - does anyone here hold any interest in creating a dream that holds some loosely based homage to Watership Down?

I can certainly manage web-design, all artistic aspects(include dream mapping and coding), as well as detailed area maps and in-depth avatar charts for the website. Though naturally, there are a few negative aspects as to being an independent dream operator that would be so helpfully countered by having a partner or two(or three?). Some things I'm particularly concerned about -
Length of creation time: obviously the execution of the dream as a whole(established dream with customized items, avatars, website, plots, and sub-plots ready to go) could be drastically different with the assistance of partners.
Enriched dream environment via artistic varying styles and creative ideas. This also means more sections of the project will have more detail, as attention wouldn't have to be divided.

Obviously this is me reaching out - I'm a college student, so, that's right - I don't quite have the funds to commission anyone myself.(I can however, offer a limited amount of currency per month towards the dream as a whole) In no way would I like to manipulate any freelance artists out there - I myself do freelance work on occasion, and I know exactly what it can be like to deal with someone who has less respect than you do for your effort and hard work. What I'm looking for, is a person, possibly two or even more, who might share the same interests I do, and have the time, however limited, to invest in a creative outlet/project. I would like to essentially creative a co-operative place for storytelling, hopefully beautiful and unique in its own right.

If this sounds like fun to anybody who might be willing to invest in a summer project, please let me know. I definitely have more in-depth ideas in way of creation, but I needed to get some type of message out there, just to start. I also have artistic references if you're interested, though lack any web references at this time. If anything, questions, comments(no matter how silly), suggestions, all appreciated.


Offline Rabbit

Re: Interest in a Watership Down Project?
«Reply #1: May 12, 2010, 04:16:40 PM»
Ha, ha, haaa.. two people are interested. Including me  ;D I'm probably going to create a blog for progress, once things get going, but, this is starting to become a project!  ;)