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Author Topic: I Have A Challenge For You~ (bat character; willing to pay)  (Read 585 times)

Offline Sezie

Alright, so, I tried drawing this myself and could NOT do it. I'm not a talented artist but I couldn't get the proportions right and the wings confuse me. So here's the deal; I'm creating a new character. Her name is Jaenelle; she's red-headed, tan-skinned, blue-eyed irish pipistrelle bat. But I really want to be correct and right-on with this, so here it goes.

You know bat wings, and how they connect to the arms and have bones coming out and have the skin and then connect to the back? That's exactly how I want them to be on my character. The wrists will be the little claw on the bat wings, and then the hands come out of the wrists as usual. Which means the small bones that descend from the arm of the bat in order to fan out the wings will be attached to her wrist as well, and come down. They will be large wings. I was thinking that when they were completely fanned out like she was getting ready to fly, they'd probably end at her mid-thigh. And when they weren't, and her arms were by her sides (which means the wings will fold and lower) they'll go down a little below her knee. Get where I'm going with this? But I don't want her entire back covered. They are two separate wings. and I'm figuring they will take the place of her shoulder blades. So a strip of her back, where her spine is, will be showing and bare. And they wont connect to her hips, probably just her entire shoulderblade.

So those are the wings explained.

You know those peasant-gypsy-type outfits? The vest-like corset with the billow-y sleeves and then the long skirt with a sash-like belt? That's what I want her to wear most of the time. But the wings post a problem, which means the vest and the shirt under it will be attached. And the shirt will be sewn into the front of the vest. So there's bust support and the sleeves (which will be attached to her arm probably with some sticky glue type thing) will be able to show. The vest will be a sort of halter-top thing. It'll tie around the back of her neck without looking like it, so it's still going to look like a vest, but it will tie in the back. And then it'll tie around her lower back to attach the bottom of the vest. You see where I'm getting, here?

The rest is pretty simple. I want a somewhat flowy skirt, but not too flowy, with a slit that goes up to her hip, so her entire leg is showing, but only on one side. And she'll be wearing those irish-type boots that go up to her knee.

Her hair will be copper, and wavy, and goes down to her mid-back. Eyes are a really bright blue, skin is tan, and she does have bat-like ears. They will be pierced. She also has a choker that has a four-leaf clover dangling from it.

Now this isn't all set in stone, but I'd like to see someone take a crack at it. I can pay via making websites (examples can be seen http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=9924.0 there.) and a liiittle bit of GD (I think I could scrape up maybe 5 GD). I'm not rich.

I was thinking the bit of her back that was exposed would be like.. Celtic tattoos all over the place. If you'd like to work that in there.

I want a reference sheet, but it does not have to be THAT detailed.

If you're willing to do it for free, by all means, go ahead and PM me with a link to the piece or post here. You can contact me best by whispering Sezie or messaging me here.

Thanks for reading this!
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