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Author Topic: $35 worth of patch request, payment in Scales or Paypal  (Read 755 times)

Offline Oamey

Patches will be used in my farming dream furc://farms
You may opt to do one, or multiple requests. Show me a sample of your work. I will not pay you until you have completed the patches. You may not resell or redistribute patches after selling them to me, or you will be reported to the guardians, as that breaks any agreements made.

Request One: Animated Live Fish (Hopping around, after being caught) and Unanimated Cooked Versions - $15
I need Bass, Tuna, Pike, Cod, Herring, Shrimp, Sardine
Each fish should have at least a 3 frame animation, after being caught,

Request Two: Growing flowers - $10
I need 3 types of flowers (you pick, must be pretty, must fit in with dream, each type must be unique), they must have at least 3 growing stages (each time getting slightly larger) until the 4th final stage when they are completely grown.
The grown stage must cover a full square of space.
Does not require any animation.

Request Three: Growing Trees - $10
I need 2 types of growing trees, they must each have at least 4 growing stages, and one final stage. They need to be somewhat large when fully grown. Must be pretty, and fit in with rest of dream. They cannot be tropical trees or pine trees. I would like them to be either maples, walnuts, or poplars. I would like their fully grown size to be slightly taller than the one story buildings in my dream (short walls, not tall walls).
Does not require any animation.

Please whisper me if interested.
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Offline Oamey

Re: $35 worth of patch request, payment in Scales or Paypal
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UPDATE: Modified my request, added a bunch of other things.