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Author Topic: SEEKING: Port Artist for Bi-Ped/Anthro Portrait Commission (Paypal or Trade)  (Read 1029 times)

Offline Archery

As the topic suggests, I am seeking out an artist to do a portrait (or two) for me for a relatively new alt, but a very old original character of mine.

Forgive the very poor refferences.

http://i49.tinypic.com/j80fmg.jpg (On right)

This is Kenneth, also known as "Kenny," a bi-ped (but can be anthro) vampire.
His design is acceptionally simple, and I'm not looking for overly extravagant portraits.

That being said, I will pay no more than $10 paypal per portrait I commission unless you art is simply amazing.  Please note that I am also a port artist and I'm not stupid.  I'll know quality art when I see it.
I am also willing to do trades, which is what I prefer!  Check out my port work here:

If you're willing to take on a potential commission from me- because I totally suck at bi-ped, and lack time to attempt a portrait for myself- please contact me via the following (in order of preferance):

-Whisper my alts "Rashid", "Ikran", or "Archery."
-Leave me an offline message in-game
-PM me here
- Comment to this forum

I am willing to commission both remap and non-remapping art!  Also note that because of the color of his flesh/hair, Kenny's port will be an a-hole to remap.  So please keep that in mind when you decide to offer! :P

Thank to all!

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Offline Marco

Please contact me via PM or note on dA!

Offline Archery

+ Added Trade Option
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Offline PrettyKitty13

Hi there!
I can totally do this! My site http://prettykitty13.deviantART.com
My prices range from $10-$30. For a fully digital colored bust with a simple BG is $10-$15. (For you, only $10 <3)
Main gallery on Furaffinity http://furaffinity.net/uer/prettykitty13

Offline Djali

$5 or willing to do a trade. :)

Offline nanoshpi

I know you said no more than 10, but i thought i'd give it a shot. I charge $20. Examples can be found here http://heaven--sent.deviantart.com/ <3