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Author Topic: Red lining help on AV please  (Read 623 times)

Offline Rex T-Rex

Red lining help on AV please
«: May 30, 2010, 12:53:42 PM»
OK, first off, I want to say that rude or hurtful comments are not welcome here. Criticism to an artist is like water to a plant, it is required to survive but too much can destroy it.

So I started work on an av for a species I invented a few years ago called the Lupinthrope. Later today I might post my most recent sketch of it so that there is a comparison. The short of it is that Lupinthropes are very large wolf-like creatures with bear-ish-humanoid front paws and large canine back paws. They have longer necks (proportionatly) than wolves, somewhat thicker snouts, larger ears, shorter tails, and 8 spikes that run down their necks (not yet pictured in the av).

I am over all happy with what I have so far, but the back paws and the right front paw are bothering me. No matter what I do I can't seem to get them to look right.  The right front paw is supposed to has a "semi-poseable" thumb (hence the odd lump on the side of the leg). I'd greatly appreciate if someone could give me some red lines for my paw troubles (I'm not looking for critique or redlines on teh rest of the av because the rest is fairly accurate to the creature desing).
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