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Author Topic: Portrait artist  (Read 488 times)


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Portrait artist
«: June 01, 2010, 06:18:28 PM»
I'm seeking a portrait artist who can do me a remapple feral or anthro portrait, Paying no more then 10GD. Since I don't have a referance or anything, I'll write descriptions below, along with contact information, etc.

Feral: Evon was a wolf, Black fur was long and coarse. Spiral markings painted her left shoulder and above her right eye. Underside was dipped in white along her neck, chest, and belly; -- Paws were light blue, stubbed tassle blackish in colour.

Anthro: Evon was a canine, Short ebony locks curled amongst her shoulders and the longsleeved tshirt she wore, Always wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of black converses amongst her feet. She had deep blue eyes, Arctic swirling marking visible above her right eye. Black and white belt hanging from her hips.

Feral Remaps:
fur: fur
eyes: eyes
markings: underside
hair: ears
vest: swirl markings on her left shoulder and above her right eye.
cape: tail
boots: paws

Anthro Remaps:
fur: fur and ears
eyes: eyes
markings: neck, chest, and belly. (cant see the belly since she is wearing a long sleeved shirt.)
hair: hair
vest: swirl above her right eye
cape: tail
boots: hands
trousers: skinny jeans
bracers: black stripes on belt (white on belt is unremap) and converses

Contacts: Whisper Evon, If I'm not on. Leave me an offline message. Sometimes when I'm not on furcadia I might be on MSN. So feel free to add me there.
MSN: [email protected]
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Re: Portrait artist
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