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Author Topic: oh you touch my la-la-la; COUPLE art contest, DONE! FINISHED! JUUUDGED!  (Read 15658 times)

Offline La-la


All entries: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p313/fluffy_love/all-1.png


      1st; YOUR CHOICE OF: A kitter, gryffe or pheonix FOR LIFE or Prime, or Tri-coloured wings for life or mythical creature subscription for five months or kitty combo (one leonen for life, one tygard for life, two portspaces!). Also, one port space, two ports from Cletus, and full character art from La-la
      2nd; Two year subscription of kitter, two port spaces, plus full character art from La-la.
      3rd; One year subscription of your choice out of pheonix, gryffe, kitterwing or unicorn OR two year subscription of prime wings. Plus one port from Cletus, plus one character sketch from La-la.
      4th; One year subscription of your choice ferian, plus one port from Cletus.
      5th; One port from Cletus and two sketches from La-la.

      We also have small prizes for honorable mentions!

      And hey, if you don't like those prizes, or if you don't play Furcadia, as I know some of you don't, you can take the prize as cash!

      1st; $100
      2nd; $50
      3rd; $30
      4th; $10

  • All artwork submitted will be kept by us. Definitely the most important rule. These characters are ours, and based on us, and they mean a lot to us. We would never want anyone else using them.
  • You can submit as many entries as you want, but you can only place once.
  • The contest will be judged between La-la and Cletus alike, owners of the characters.
  • The entries will be submitted by e-mail, to [email protected] They are NOT to be uploaded anywhere else until the contest has ended. This is so everyone feels they have the same chance. This contest is not based on skill, but on emotion and creativity. Entries will not be posted here.
  • You do NOT have to post on this board if you want to enter. You can send a message on FAZ to either Cletus or I if you feel more comfortable that way.
  • Yes, the characters are both girls. If you have a problem with it, then don't enter.
  • Don't be afraid to show us your WIPS to get feedback on them!

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Offline Mala

Ohdang, I'll totally enter. I agree to all the terms listed above.

Offline La-la

Thank you! :3

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Heck yes I'm entering. And I agree to yo' terms and whatnot. <3

Offline La-la


Heck yes I'm entering. And I agree to yo' terms and whatnot. <3

I KNO RITE. Cletus won't let me enter D:

Offline Yeni

Oooh this sounds fuuun :D I wanna enter, I agree to the terms. :]
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agree to the terms
will enter other art
i am the suck when it comes to ports

Offline sarragh


Offline La-la


You're a crack-head.


count me inn <3

Offline jaiex

k I think I'mona enter. I agree to the terms. =p

Offline La-la

Awesome, both of you added to the nummmber.

Offline Jenni

although i am not one for art contests, the prizes are cool.
i 4gr33 2 ur termz

it's a maybe tho.


in, in, and in.
your terms are 100% understood. ;D

Offline sarragh


hai guess what.

you're all smooth and delicious.
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Offline La-la


hai guess what.

you're all smooth and delicious.

And you're on drugs.

Thank you, Claudie. Noted, Jenni, but I won't add you until you're sure. :]

Offline sarragh


There ARE non-remap grays. Smidge is not that dark at all, in fact for her fur colour I use "cloudy gray". The non-remap grays right under the fur colours are fine. There are non remap browns and reds as well. You don't have to do the dually remappable portrait, but that's what we're looking for specifically.

Offline Wednesday

Dude. I want in.

I'm all for your ruulez and stuff. :D

Offline Dibit

I'll join, I agree to the rules and stuff.

Offline majentafox

I wish to enter!
I agree to the terms above as well!

Offline La-la

Added you all to the list :D

Offline La-la

Some new ref sheets and info added. :3


did you guys get my entry? {:

Offline sarragh

We sure did!
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Offline Ean

I suppose I can try this out. <: I agree to all terms that were listed above.