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Author Topic: Just a reminder  (Read 1171 times)


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Just a reminder
«: June 02, 2010, 11:50:48 PM»
We are doing some spring cleaning around the site. One of the things we're trying to get rid of is multiple accounts.

Currently a lot of the new accounts being created show that they are actually being made by a computer that already has an account tied to it. There has been a rule for a while now that states "Each member may have one active account at a time."

If you want to make a new account, please contact a staff member and we will delete the old account for you. Also, if you've forgotten or have trouble recovering your password, let us know and we can help you with that.

If we do come across what looks like multiple accounts, we will lock/ban them. They will stay locked until you contact us and tell us which account you want to use so we can delete the other one.

Please let us know if you are sharing a computer with someone else who has a FAZ account. This looks like one user with two accounts.

So, if you're trying to log onto FAZ and you're currently getting this message:

Each member is allowed only one account. Choose one and speak to a mod. Please contact a mod in game by whispering one of the following Zim, Ginnie, Moose, Satie, Mychelle or Mynt.
There's a chance that it's because a staff member has seen that there are two or more accounts tied to that computer and has locked both accounts.