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Author Topic: [Hold!]Seeking Human port artist. Non-remap or Remap.  (Read 615 times)

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It's hard finding some good port artist at Humans i mostly see Anthro or Feral or Neko if thats what you wanna call it. So i decided to look for help this way instead of going through TONS of pages. I already have the port space so dont worry about that. I have 19 GD, but most Artist go 15 GD highest but whatever.
The alt I wanna port is Abarai Renji and I know that might be alittle tough put if you could help that would be great!

Here's some images of him:
Need more images just tell me. Other then that once i find the right artist I'll tell how i want the port it wont be too hard I hope! Contact me by replying on here or contacting me in game with wolf creature or Abarai Renji lol duh. (:
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Offline wolfcreature

Re: Seeking Human port artist. Non-remap or Remap.
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bump? xD
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