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Author Topic: Seeking a matching flox and anthro design  (Read 550 times)

Offline Army

Seeking a matching flox and anthro design
«: June 09, 2010, 12:15:05 AM»
I'd like a flox design and an anthro female (feline preferably) with atleast 3 markings.

I'd like it with either an icy, multi-color, or confetti theme. It is for the character Crayon so think crayon. I'd like the flox to atleast match with base color.

I'd like her to be a sexy young woman/vixen (:

Her flower should either be a hibiscus, rose, or jasmine flower.


Contact: Crayon (whisper), PM here. ( do NOT reply to this thread. I will most likely not see it. Your best chance is in game or by PM )
contact: army/leaf