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Author Topic: Feral Site Background Pic! Paying in GD  (Read 439 times)


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Feral Site Background Pic! Paying in GD
«: June 14, 2010, 04:31:05 PM»
Right now I don't need some really intense picture of my character, I just need a simple sketch with her colors on a solid black background to make into the background of her site! x3 If you understand what im getting at..

She has a Feral and Neko side, almost like a Shape-shifter. I only really need a feral drawing of her though for now. She's a Wolf x Mouse type thing Experiment... And the ref I have was just a stupid wolf lineart I colored to experiment with colors and markings and ect, so this picture is also going to be like a temp ref as well. Cuze the thing I have is bull. She isn't to complex. She only has 2 base colors, black and white, she just has some accessories. Bout it.

SO! If your up to it!<3 Drop me a whisper!

Like I said.. Paying in GD and Maybe spaces depending on how much it costs... I only have so much in GD oO But hopefully the price won't exteed how much I have or that's insane for a quickly sketch.

ANYWAYS! Whisper KayKay if your interested, that's who the art is for, or leave me a PM/Reply here!