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Author Topic: Sporrk Ports // 5 GD !  (Read 654 times)

Offline Sporrk

Sporrk Ports // 5 GD !
«: June 17, 2010, 05:12:11 PM»
S p o r r k  P o r t s !
Making you desu ports since.. maybe a year ago

Status: [closed]
Both slots are filled, sorry!

Hey I'm Spo, and I do ports, obvs!  I enjoy whipping up these pixelated squares to
make people happy and earn some monies.  Feel free to talk to or whisper me with
any comments/questions/death threats/whatever you want to say!

To save room here, I've written out everything you may (or may not) need to know
about commissioning me in a handy dA journal.

Still interested?
>> http://sporrk.deviantart.com/journal/32725414/ <<

I only like to have 2 commissions at a time.  This makes me free less
rushed and won't make those at the bottom of the list have to wait very long!

1. DT
2. Gliffze

Here are some of my most recent ports.  Check them out to get an idea
as to how your port may look.
Want to see more examples?  Check out my dA gallery!
>> http://sporrk.deviantart.com/gallery/ <<

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