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Author Topic: Art Contest of Dragons: ENDED  (Read 1237 times)

Offline Dask

Art Contest of Dragons: ENDED
«: June 19, 2010, 06:35:33 PM»
Livy, the only one who actually entered anything. Congrats~

Prizes will be alts. Go here to view them.
If more than 10 entries:
~1st Place - will receive my previous main, Jizo (costing at 130$-140$)
~2nd Place - pick of any two remaining alts
~3rd Place - pick of any two remaining alts after 2nd place winner
If less than 9 entries:
~1st Place - pick of three alts other than Jizo
~2nd Place - pick of two remaining alts after 1st place
~3rd Place - pick of one remaining alt
There must be 3 entrants in order to give the 1st place prize. If there is only one entrant, they'd get the 3rd place prize, etc.

August 20th

character: Dask
references or descriptions: [sketch] [sketch2] [sketch3]
see port for colors
    Zebra-like stripes all over, starting small from the top of his snout to the middle of his tail. His ears are tipped with this color as well. On his face, a thick stripe falls from each eye to his jawline, where the color extends to the lower belly color. The belly appears to be plated with stiff scales, like armor itself.  From the tip of his jaw sprouts a short beard, fine-haired and fluff, it's color matching that of his Mohawk.
 One golden loop earring on his left ear. Golden Hoop hanging on his tail.
Around Dask's arms are some long ribbons, with silver hoops. These are wrapped around up to his arms, and most of his hands. Two straps hang down on his right arm, and one on his left.
  Also it's important that that thing on his chest is well, a chest plate not a shirt or something. This armor stops where his ribs stop. In the back, two ribbons cross like an X to keep it together, so that it can be loosened for Dask to take off like most armor is made. between the ribbons in the x is where Dask's wings sprout.
  On each side of his chest plate lies shoulder pads that hook up to the ribbons crossing the front of the armor. The left shoulder pad has 3 blades sticking out of it.
  Around Dask's hips is a bearskin loincloth, partially ripped and tattered. Above that sits a a belt with two straps. One straps has a loop that holds Dask's black sheath where Dask put his katana.

character: Wen
references or descriptions: [main sketch]
  Wen is a white Eastern dragon. Her hair is elegant off-white that seems to be a pale purple or blueish in certain lights, sometimes both. Frontal hair style resembles close to that of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy. xD No markings are seen on her fur nor scales. The scaly plates on her neck and chest seem to lead down to her tail and exist on the top of her arms, legs, and even the top of her snout. They gleam like white crystal opals. She has fairly large feathery wing-ears. Pearly-gray pronged horns. Her (very)long whiskers are pronged as well.  Usually wearing designer glasses, but sometimes seen without. Unlike Dask, she wears many different clothing sets depending on the season. These are shown [here]. Artist may choose any of those.

Please submit your entry(s) by PMing or email them to [email protected]
* means they entered a piece
Kaylour -has not turned anything in
Byx -has not turned anything in
indie -has not turned anything in
Livy * *

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Re: Dragon couple art contest (First contest?)
«Reply #1: June 19, 2010, 10:26:10 PM»
I'll like to enter

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Re: Art Contest of Dragons
«Reply #2: July 07, 2010, 08:47:41 PM»
Sign me up.
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Re: Art Contest of Dragons
«Reply #3: July 09, 2010, 01:19:39 PM»

Offline Naty

Re: Art Contest of Dragons: Date extended to August 10th
«Reply #4: July 25, 2010, 08:28:35 AM»
Count me in!!
Contact me in-game as Naty

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Re: Art Contest of Dragons: Date extended to August 10th
«Reply #5: August 03, 2010, 09:51:06 PM»
Only a few more days til the deadline. Start finishing up those art peies and either email them to me or PM.

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Re: Art Contest of Dragons: ENDED
«Reply #6: October 17, 2010, 10:25:52 AM»
Sorry I didn't end up entering. That whole 'life' thing got in the way.
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