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Author Topic: $10 - $15 Ports. Feral, Anthro, Human. Pixel, Nonremap, or Remap.  (Read 881 times)

Offline Neck

Ports like this are 10$. I will draw humans, anthros and feral.

Ports like this are $15. Will do remap or nonremap. Humans, anthro or feral.

I can draw adult themes, I can draw gore.
I'll try whatever you throw at me.

I take paypal only.

I'm not on FAZ often, nor am I on Furc often, so you'd be best off EMAILING ME at [email protected] (that's also my msn if you want to add me) or NOTING ME at http://midget.deviantart.com . If you can't do either, leave an offline whisper to either Olly or Wheeler.

Ports take approximately a week, sometimes shorter.
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Offline Devildove

E-mail sent a couple of days ago  :)

Offline Neck

Some emails seem to be going into my junkbox, just to let people know. I'm trying to prevent it as best as possible <3
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