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Author Topic: Please help me with pricing!  (Read 799 times)

Offline Gaz-Monster

Please help me with pricing!
«: June 29, 2010, 03:10:47 PM»
Hey guys, I've never done commissions before, so I figured I'd ask around first.  Does this seem way too pricey?

All commissions must be single-character ONLY.  No pairings or groups.
Will draw human/anthro characters.  I’m not good at animals.
I’ll do your OC’s, personas, Gaia avatars, etc.  Whatever you want.

Commission Prices:

Sketch:  $3?
  http://gaz-monster.deviantart.com/art/Sketchy-sketch-134270459?q=1&qo=1  (Can be messier, like this, or I can clean it up.)

Character references:  These are still really up in the air.

   ** I will TRY to add whatever you want to your ref.  Let me know how you want it laid out.  These will be full color, no shading.  You choose the style: Chibi or normal.  Chibi is cheaper.
Basic ref:  Front of character, back view if necessary, color chart if you want; I can add a description/info if you give it to me.

Headshots/Busts:  $4-5?
Will be colored unless you only want lines.   Flat color:  $4.  Shading:  $5.

Waist-up:  $6-7.
You can have a background like the first example’s (simple colors/abstract-y) free.  Otherwise I will leave the background white. 

Chibis:  $4-5.
No shading: $4.  Shading: $5.
No cluttered characters here, please.  And these probably won’t be pixeled like the examples, since I’ve been Photoshopping more than oekaki-ing lately.
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Offline Owl

Re: Please help me with pricing!
«Reply #1: June 30, 2010, 06:36:40 PM»
i think the prices are good as they are.
i really like your style~~

Offline Gaz-Monster

Re: Please help me with pricing!
«Reply #2: July 01, 2010, 12:23:56 PM»
i think the prices are good as they are.
i really like your style~~

Oh, thank you~  :'D

If anyone you know needs commissions, I'm officially open for business!