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Author Topic: ART OF MOST KINDS!!  (Read 487 times)

Offline keiroko

«: June 30, 2010, 09:24:16 PM»
I am keiroko, artist of many trades!

**Some prices are negotiable, as I know the economy is down in a lot of countries, and GD will be accepted in place of paypal, though I prefer paypal as it helps pay the bills and food in my belly ^^ **


(photobucket link is only ports/patches/avatars)

// // // // // // // //
(dA link is mainly character art)

::Contact Information::
Furcadia forums : Keiroko
deviantArt : Keiroko
email : [email protected]
in game : Keiroko (whisper)


**Anyone who commissioned me last year and did not recieve it, please please contact me about it, my computer had crashed and I lost the list of all who commissioned me, what I had finished, and what I needed to finish. I really did not forget or scam anyone if they paid first, you just need to private message me what your commission was, once I see your name I will remember if I finished it or not, or if you paid**

:: Prices ::

10GD or paypal

walls : 2GD or paypal
floors : 1GD or paypal
items : prices vary on size and detail of the items

35$ or GD
(includes skin background and buttons)

One avatar : 19GD or paypal
Set of locals(2) : 40GD or paypal
Set of locals(4) : 55GD or paypal (plus ports only 2GD each or paypal)
Full set(all avatars) : 80GD or paypal (ports 1GD/$) *Does not include digos*

-Character Art-
Computer : 25GD or paypal
handdrawn : 20GD or paypal
Oil or acryllic paintings : 75$+
Pastel pantings : 75$+
**If you want original mailed to your home shipping costs vary depending on your location in USD)*

-Plushies or furlows-
small(4"-9") : 6-15$paypal
medium(10"-15") : 15-30$paypal
large(16"-20") : 30-60$paypal
extra-large(21"+) : 40-60+paypal

**Please do note that shipping and extended fabric costs may be added on for custom toys**

--Fur pillows(pillows shaped like animals or just normal pillows)--
Prices will vary on design and size

-Ears,tails, paws, wings-
Prices will vary on cost of fabric and size

-Clothes: Skirts, Pants, pajamas, etc
Prices will vary upon fabric and size of customer( not discriminating sizes, only the fact that the larger the measurements, the more fabric needed and more cost )

**Please note also shipping costs will vary depending on where you live no rough estimate given*

**Side note : All prices for paypal is USD(united states dollar currency) please keep this in mind when paying with paypal or money order (paypal preferred) **

**Money Orders and cash are not recommended as they get lost easily in the postal service but are accepted with proper precautions **

With love Keiroko n_n
**I am always open for commission just contact me** **In my forum posts that is not saying paypal is more..it is saying ..for example 1$-3$ GD or Paypal and I typed it oddly.. Forgive any miscommunications**